Last night I checked out this well publicized shopping event called “Shecky’s Girls Night Out” at the Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia and it was a blast. I enjoyed the evening with my friends Diane Johnson, Stephanie Ott and my cousin Jess who would just like to be known as Jess known and no longer cousin Jess.
IT WAS A SOLD OUT NIGHT. Here are a few helpful hints. The hours of the show are 5PM – 10PM. Get together with your girlfriends for dinner at 5PM and show up at 7PM. First of all there is NO food to speak of, and well more importantly there IS A LONG wait in lines to get into the place as everyone seems to arrive at the same time, which is right after work.
but the place is well organized. REQUEST: But I do wish they would serve drinks or nibbles while some people were waiting in the line for up to an hour. Plus there are two lines, one line downstairs to get into the building and then this 2nd line but once I got inside there was ample room for comfortable shopping with many bargains to be had, and dressing rooms for your convenience.Kim and Paula arrived right at 5PM, they said there was about a 30 minute line but they killed it when the got in, shopping. Kim picked up a beautiful ring for herself.
The only food to be had was at ; They were delicious and they plan to open a place downtown sometime soon. They were nice to take my suggestions on where a good location would be. Get to this stand early, because as the night wore on and I really got hungry I returned to them and the desserts were gone. They did have a $15 box of mini cupcakes, but I didn’t feel like carrying it around.

Did I mention besides awesome clothes, the girls enjoyed the jewelry and I believe each of them bought something from this booth. With the ample supply of alcohol available for the girls, no food, lots of alcohol, and loose change, it was the perfect storm for throwing caution to the wind shopping the only thing missing were a few good men to join into the mixAnd then I found Dave Huddleston, Doug Kammerer and Christian Rammeriz. The line to meet them was long because after a few cocktails and when the shopping was finished, men were next on the menu
Barb Hansen, Marian and Terry Buckley were all over this and if they could have brought Christian home they would haveJamyra Perry, Melony Roy and Kyle Ruffin

Lynne Dubler and Carolyn Deckert

Ought oh beer garden. Actually this was the AnheuserBusch beer pairing table. Every half hour the A&B folks have this beer event. Its on the far right of the room and you have to sign up before hand. Both Diane and Stephanie like the “Bloddy Mary” flavored beer and Jess liked the Pomegranate Raspberry. I saw lots of familiar faces like SHERRI EDELMAN and Susan Helfrich
How exciting for me I ran into a reader of PCC. I am always excited when that happens, and grateful that I have readers. Shout out to Melissa Castro-Marmero styling it in the gold shirt, with her is her mother-in-law Carol Marmero and sister-in-law Michelle Polillo.
Monica Whitby, Carolyn Kinka, Colleen Sciole and Kim Molinari out for a good time, and ironically Carolyn is sister-in-law to Diane’s sister. Small world.

Familiar faces Jared Poe and Donna Coghlan (missing Donna’s photographer friend who like me never likes her photo taken)Co-workers Tina L, Valerie Krieeofe and Tammy Tower (Who every girls night out makes pins for the girls to make them feel that much more special)

I loved this purses by The purses lite up with neon lights when you open them. I don’t know if you can see the purple and the green lights. How cool is that in a night club?Jewelery did I mention the girls wanted to check out a lot of jewelery

So get your girlfriends and get on over to Shecky’s Night Out at the Crystal Tea Room Wednesday Night, because Thursday night is SOLD OUT. But don’t fret as Cashman & Assocs. is having their “Girls Day Out” at the LOEWS HOTEL on Saturday 2/28/09 11AM – 3PM (Also if you are getting married Nicole Miller Philadelphia is part of an event called “The Bellevue Gets Engaged” on Saturday February 28th from 11-4PM. It is going to be an unprecedented star studded bridal event with the most elite Philadelphia brides in attendance. Check my PhillyChitChat calendar [located in the upper right of the page] for details of all of these events)On a closing note, Shecky’s does have complimentary coat check sponsored by Verizon. It’s kinda interesting as they want you to register your phone and they will text you your coat check #, but then they gave me a card with my coat check number so I thought what was the use, I hope they aren’t going to call me or anything. Well when I went to pick up my coat both systems failed and they finally invited me into the coat check room to look for my own coat which I was able to find after a bit of time as the room cleared out. In conclusion, Shecky’s is well worth the night out with the girls, but expect a few delays as it’s an outstanding success and a lot of girls come out for the event. As for the Shecky’s Goody Bag I will be giving it to my friend Julia Greenberger as I never made it to her event at the Ben Franklin Hotel for the Epilepsy Foundations Gala as there was a line to get the most excellent goody bag, and then an equally great line when I tried to make my great escape to obtain my coat. So go have fun, buy lots of fun stuff, drink and be merry, but expect lines. (This is inside the coat check room as they try and locate my coat)