3rd Annual Beggar’s Banquet, a fundraiser to support WXPN – Hooters & Bacon

WXPN is dedicated to connecting artists with audiences and the support your support of WXPN enables them to do just that. Last Saturday night they brought together a number of artists to celebrate with them the music that everyone that listens enjoys.
Each artist was a host of their own table and the WXPN members joined with that artist in breaking bread and enjoying a lively conversation. I have to say what a great idea, where you a listener could sit at a table with a musician, talk about their craft, and celebrate music in general. Janet Bess and Dallyn Pavey, Dish Pr. Dallyn has a great memory remembering meeting me way back to the summer when I photographed her and her client WMMR’s Pierre Robert.
KerriLee Halkett! Winner of the 2007 Emmy for Best Anchor and her beautiful self
Interior designer Linda Klein and NY Times Sports Editor Tom Jolly. These two have travelled down to Philly all three times to enjoy the festivities as they listen to WXPN on the ‘Net.
Melissa Ferrick

The Bacon family – Michael, Hilda and Kevin (A different photo of these three and Michael’s wife Betsy appeared in Tuesday Inquirer in Michael Klein’s column Inqlings, where my pixs regularly appear.
Nelli McKay and Timothy Dark.
Michael Bacon signs his first album for a fan
Debby Seitz and Sarah James

Vince Papale was one of the folks volunteering for the night
How awesome to see 2 original members of the HOOTER’S who I grew up listening. They never really made it big, but some of the songs they wrote did; Eric Brazilian wrote the “One of Us” song by Joan Osbourn, and Rob Hyman co-wrote Cyndi Lauper’s big hit “Time After Time”. Eric and Rob are the bookends in this photo. The others are Fred Smith and John Lilly. Missing David Uosikkinen

Libby & Brian Piper with Donna Jean Godchaux and Beth Kaufmann. When I met Donna Jean Godchaux I had no idea her storied background. As I was prepping the photos to send to my agency in NYC, I learned that when Donna Jean was age of 15 she became one of the harmony singers at Fame. She appeared on tracks that included Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds” and Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman.” A few months later, she fell in love with a guy named Keith Godchaux. One night in October 1971 friends dragged her to a Dead concert at Winterland and she discovered the spiritual nature of the band. After introducing Keith to Garcia and getting him the gig, she waited a while before joining him on stage, remaining a member until February 1979 when she and her husband left to start their own band.

new friends literally seconds before I put this photo together, Brian Duffy, Kelly Jobes and Annie Collins.
Kevin Bacon poses for a fan as his sister Hilda snaps the picture.
One of the many auction items was a Phillies night out with Michaela Majoun and Bob Bumbera. Dinner, a behind the scenes tour of Citizen Bank and the game. Sounds like a bargain at any price.
Danielia Cotton

Rhett Miller is the front man and main songwriter of the hard-charging rock ‘n’ roll quartet the Old 97’s, as well as an accomplished solo artist. In addition to his seven records with the 97’s, he’s released two highly regarded solo albums, The Instigator (2002) and The Believer (2006). Besides two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese onion on a sesame seed bun what other commercial do you hear once and it gets stuck in your head?