Just in case you couldn’t make it to the Flower Show earlier this month, I want to show a few of the photos I didn’t show in my first posting as I didn’t want to spoil anything. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s urban revitalization program, Philadelphia Green, is one of the largest and most comprehensive urban greening programs in the nation. Started in 1974, Philadelphia Green works with community groups and residents in neighborhoods throughout the city to plan and implement greening projects. The program also partners with private and public organizations to landscape and maintain public spaces in the city’s downtown area and its gateways. Proceeds from the Society’s Philadelphia Flower Show, along with funding from foundations, corporations, and government agencies, help to support its projects.
Pressed Flowers – I always love those exhibits. One year I event bought a press flower book, but I never broke the spine
The Show is the principal fundraiser of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which directs about $1 million in Show revenues to its nationally renowned urban greening program, Philadelphia Green. This program works to stabilize acres of vacant land in neighborhoods throughout the city, create community gardens, and maintain cherished public landscapes. The PHS Village at the Flower Show will highlight these year-round revitalization efforts and the organization’s many activities for gardeners and greening enthusiasts.
The Parks Revitalization Team helped lead more than 2,000 volunteers in planting trees and cleaning up more than 68 city parks as part of its 9th annual Spring Into Your Park event and led another 300 volunteers in bringing fresh paint, plantings and spirit to the Olney Recreation Center and the neighboring Tacony Creek Park during its 9th annual Fall for Your Park event..
Gerard Butler showed up at Taven 17 Saturday night, emjoyed a little Karoake, singing the Door’s “Come on Baby Light My fire”; also someone was celebrating their birthday and he joined in with the singing. They have a photo, but didn’t want to share it with us.
I hear a lot of Gerry’s girls are flying in today to catch a glimpse, I have no info on where it is filming. Yesterday I asked Jamie’s Music Manager and he told me he had nothing to do with the film, and had no idea. Plus there are no plans for a CD signing, which seems to be fairly stupid since he’s here in Philly for another 3 weeks and whenever he opens his mouth he is either singing to the fans or promoting the CD.
If you watch Ghost Whisperer, or Medium you will want to stay tuned and read tomorrow’s entry.
PECO, an Official Sponsor of the 2009 Show, will unveil a model of its new green roof that covers PECO’s Philadelphia headquarters. At more than 45,000 square feet, it is the largest green roof in Pennsylvania retrofitted on an existing urban building. The roof reduces heating and cooling costs, cleans the air, and cuts water pollution by managing storm water runoff. PECO’s comprehensive green program also includes plans to install energy-saving bulbs on its well-known Crown Lights system and implementing native meadow conversions and storm water management projects throughout the region.

PNC Bank, Presenting Sponsor of the Show, will share information at its PNC Park exhibit about PNC’s commitment to sustainable building construction. PNC’s first “green branch” in Philadelphia was built with more than 50 percent recycled or green materials and utilizes high-efficiency energy systems as part of PNC’s effort to integrate business practice with environmental responsibility. PNC has more LEED-certified buildings than any other company in the country. In fact the material used in this exhibit is recycled rubber, which is now being converted in a way to use as the flooring of a local elementary school’s playground.

he Philadelphia Water Department will re-create Tivoli Gardens, South Philadelphia-style, to teach visitors about water conservation and storm water management. Temple University’s Italian gardens will provide ideas for sustainable living. Exhibits created by the Environmental Protection Agency and Waterloo Gardens will emphasize the ecological role of native plants.
Philadelphia Green trained dozens of teachers as part of its Green City Teachers program, which provides educators the skills to incorporate horticulture and environmental education into their curriculums. The program encourages students to appreciate the role of nature in their lives. Funding was made available by The Burpee Foundation.
For more about The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia Green program, please visit
Pressed Flowers
This entry is dedicated to my sister Judy, who by far got the best flower shots that i did, but she doesn’t have a blog so I hope you enjoyed mine. We of course thank you for your prayers, and need them more than ever as today is another milestone as far as hearing what the next step is. Thank you all for your very kind emails, and posts.