Last night I attended a soiree high above the city streets, looking down on the citizens of Philadelphia where this little fella lives,
In conjunction with Philadelphia Style Magazine and The Residences at Liberty Two they held a join WELCOME HOME to Phillies COLE HAMELS & HEIDI HAMELS PARTY
Before they got to their home I strolled around and took a few snapshots of the folks there to welcome them, as well as a few mover’s and shakers that might be in the market for a new home say for $3 million to $15 million bucks. Over the next dozen photos or so you will meet the man who just purchased the 55th & 56th floor (57th pictured here), but I can’t identify him as per his request. Former Sixers president Billy King and wife Melanie, who’s son, Reginald James King named after his uncle, former Pacers great Reggie Miller, just turned one years old, chatting with David Maser Ben & Dana Oller
One of the most attractive couples gracing the social scene of late Tony Rufo and the lovely Lindsay Kravitz.
Natalie Czastkiewicz and Nick Gaudiosi enjoy the party. Missing from the scene was man about town Arthur Kade , who I hear is filming Air Bender this week with M. Night Shyamalan and Dev Patel here in Phillywood.

One of Philly’s finest Real Estate Teams (and best looking, you should see their ads) Michelle Ranieri, Antonio and Georgine Atacan, Jill Rizen and Cristian David
Did I mention that Moet was one of the sponsor’s and everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Those are tiny personal champagne bottles. Jessica Matthews, Matthew Vlahos, The guy you should thank for outfitting some of Philly’s best dressed women, Boyd’s Women’s fashion buyer Sean General and Fran Dambrosio, Jimmy “Style” Contreras, Christian DiCicco and Diane Johnson

Unfortunately for me, this was only the 2nd time I was every in Liberty Two and it was a rainy night. Now that I know two people that live in the building I am going to have to impose to get a few good shots, hmm maybe the guy from Brazil will let me house sit the six months that he’s at his other house?The girls were getting restless while waiting for Cole
Laila Ahmadinejad, Jessie Lane and Stephanie Twinning (thanks to her and Sarah Schafferfor placing the photos I take in the pages of Philly Style Mag that give the Charities of the City just that extra little PR, and every bit helps)
on the 52nd Floor, Del Frisco’s and DiBruno’s set up shop. This is also where I found the sample residences. I think I am going to have to pretend to be a buyer to get up here for the wrap around views. The DiBruno chefs.
Their spread in the living room. I know a lot of people think that it would be tough to live in a building where the windows don’t open, but I didn’t feel that way, the views are so spectacular that anything else I can just look past. ( Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora is letting his well-decorated pad serve as a model unit until the rest of Two Liberty is sold and then he will move in, his home on the 52nd floor cost $2.5 million – See following pictures)
Today was a tad stressful for me, just a tad though. I took my lunch at 10AM so I could cover this great event for Project Home that I will write about later this week; but when I pulled my camera out of the bag 2 knobs had fallen off. I should have known because the Tribeca Film Festival is in two weeks and it was this time last year that my last camera broke, I kill them. The Murphy’s Law part is the warranty ran out Sunday, but them I check and was smart enough to buy a 2 yr warranty. Whew. In the meantime I will just use the camera I got fixed last year.
And now back to our regularly schedule entry. I ran back upstairs just in time to see the fiercely dressed Sarah Schaffer escort Cole Hammels and his pretty young wife Heidi into the party.
He gives good face
Another one for you ladies…

Since it was hot, and a cluster you know what I decided that I would forego trying to get the Cole Hammels shot and instead went back to the photos I enjoy taking the most
My friends, and as you know this is one lady I never get tired of shooting. C’mon she gives it up, comes alive and makes it happen. (Oh and btw she lives at Liberty Two: The Residences) You don’t need to watch Spencer Pratt and his fake wife, you just need to tune into PhillyChitChat and get the real deal with Sabrina Tamburino, just as pretty with less drama.
Douglas Pearson and Donald Pearson – Soethby’s International Realty
Renee Freeman ASID and Don Freeman ASID.. INTERIOR DESIGN & INTERIOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN of Freeman Interiors. Renee, a big fan of PhillyChitChat, wanted to make sure that it was on my list to cover Donors are Heroes, in conjunction with the Gift of Life Donor Program, are hosting ‘THE Party’ on Friday, April 17 at Park Hyatt Philadelphia at The Bellevue. Tickets are only $75 and can be purchased at ; and please remember to check will donate organs on your drivers license, and say yes in the hospital for the organ donation. I read when Natasha Richardson passed her family donated every viable organ to those in need (it’s not going to be the same covering the Met Gala Costume ball without her in May)
At first I thought this was Wanda Skyes and I wanted to ask her where her new talk show was going to be film. Did you know she lives out on the Main Line, and she just came out of the closet a few months ago, love her. I don’t who this band was, but I enjoyed listening to them. The name of the band is Crosstown Traffic — Greg Davis on guitar, Ms. Jeannie Brooks on vocals, Wally Smith on keyboard and Neil Simpkins on drums.
Tonight at the Loews it’s the Sake Fest 6PM – 8:30PM. Tickets are $75 at the door, and among the food to be served is Morimoto. I’ll be there.Dan and Jaclyn Fisher (it was so great to see Jaclyn, I never had a chance to say goodbye when she left), and her mom and Dad, Denise and Norman Vosko.

Natalie Alvarez and Chris Chafin

Marci & Nicole Blicher. Nicole says that her theater company, The Nice People Theater
is getting ready for a really big season, so look out world.
She’s really nice too, styling it with that flower in her hair. She said she’s getting married in two months, but Nicole let me tell you something, May 30, is not two months ahead baby, you’d better get crackin’
Did I mention how hot it was on the 57th floor, well it only got hotter with this crew. John Bolaris, Lauren D’Orsio, Lauren “sporting the super sexy librarian looking glasses” Nelson, Alycia Lane (who I just adore), John Colabelli, Howard Eskin, Phillies marketing man Mike Harris and bad me for not asking his girlfriend. Hmm I wonder how many Phillies box tickets I can get for this exclusive shot? I promise to donate a couple to a charity.
Sponsors of last nights party included Daniel Stern & the restaurant at Two Liberty (Can’t wait for that), Boyd’s, Moet & Chardon, Stella Artois, Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Philly Pretzel Factory (must have missed those), Bernie Robbins, Kiehls, Hugo Boss, (did I mention I didn’t get a gift bag, so we won’t be able to report what was in it but it sounds like it was good), Del Frisco’s and Di Bruno Bros. Also donations to the Hamels Foundation were being accepted at the party. (Philadelphia Philles P Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi have started The Hamels Foundation, which will focus on AIDS in Africa and education in Africa and Philadelphia. Then after spring training workouts in Clearwater yesterday, Hamels told reporters that the couple is trying to adopt a child from Ethiopia)

Carol Tamburino and the Boyd’s owner, another name I didn’t get, did I mention I was going to pass out soon. Sadly I didn’t make it to the closing night of the Philadelphia Film Festival Party. I thought I would go home and get some sleep, but alas it’s 2AM as I write this so basically I’ll be getting to bed my normal too late self, and trying to hit the gym before I go to my paralegal job in the AM. Oh well it was fun reliving this night, great to see everyone, and meet the new folks I hope to be shooting a lot in the future. One last thing, Carrie Nork Minelli, who was a guest at the soiree as Cashman & Assoc were not handling this party, notice my absence near Cole Hammel and came right over and asked if I had gotten what I needed, well no I didn’t and she
arranged it so Cole and Heidi posed for a few shots, and I really appreciate. Thanks Carrie.By the way, again I plead heat and the excitement, I did not get these two kids names. If anyone knows who they are I would love to send them this photo.
As I was leaving I saw Cole, Heidi and Nicole Cashman head towards the Hamel’s new pad with a huge, I mean huge bottle of champagne. Idiot me should have asked if I could come and photograph the popping of the cork which would have made my night. Oh well, that’s one good photo that got away.