Phillies Pup Rally with Jen Utley at Rittenhouse Square

PSPCA is one of the pet projects of Jen Utley and last week, before the first game of the season, Jen held a Phillies Pup Rally at Rittenhouse Square.
The Invite Stated: Dress your dogs in their Phillies best and join the Red Phanatic, Phillies Broadcasters and Phillies Ballgirls to raise funds and awareness for the Pennsylvania SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Drop off much-needed blankets and toys. Cash donations will also be accepted. Cats and dogs will be available to adopt. There will also be a raffle for a variety of items. Donors will receive a special ticket discount for a future Phillies game.
The Red Phanatic? What’s that about? This is such an odd picture I like it.
Do I even need to say how cute this is? i love the little dog standing up to the red Phanatic.
My friends Janita Styles and Jen Utley. Jen’s with Jack, and as you might recall in an earlier entry this year, Jen & Chase adopted Jack from a litter where the mother was put down after being a fighting pit bull. Originally Jack was named Simon, but Chase didn’t like the name. One day they were driving in NYC and saw a billboard that said “Jack” on it (Jack in the Box? she couldn’t remember). Chase thought Jack was a manly man name good enough for a pit bull. Jack’s shy, and I wasn’t going to call him or pet him, I’m afraid of pit bulls. I probably won’t be visiting the Utley’s much.
Here at the PSPCA, we address the needs of thousands of homeless animals a year. We started out with a single center in Philadelphia and, with the help of our dedicated staff and generous donors, burgeoned into a state-wide operation with six busy shelters.

Learn about our fascinating history reflecting the human capacity for good, get to know the exceptional, dedicated people who staff our shelters, and learn about our endless mission to prevent and relieve suffering. Become a supporter and help us continue to materialize our mission, helping not only animals in need but also inspiring people to be more humane.

This event brought out a lot of interesting folks, like this politician and his bulldog
A couple girls from Hollywood Tan came by and pedaled their wares in the park. They were offering a free tanning session for 4/4/09,
I bet if you mention that you saw their photos on PhillyChitChat and blame me for putting them up a week late maybe they would give you a free tan.
That hair, what is up with that hair? Is the Red Phanatic supposed to be female?
Poor muzzled puppy
I hear they had a dog parade and judge the best dressed pup, but I had to run.