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Philly Paparazzo Weighs In On J. Foxx Intrusion


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If the stars are out in Philly, chances are Hughe Dillon of is right along side of them …capturing the moment on film, then posting his findings to his blog.

In this week’s “What’s Brewing …Behind The Blog,” catches up with the former New York City paparazzo to discuss everything from the creation of his blog to an unfortunate altercation with Jennifer Aniston’s body guard and his thoughts on Jamie Foxx’s Philadelphia hotel intrusion.

10 Questions With Hughe Dillon of How was Philly Chit Chat born?

HD: When I lived in NYC I had a blog called “Confessions of a Paparazzi.” When I moved back to Philly in ’07, I thought I would like to do something like that here. Since I lacked celebrities, I decided to create PhillyChitChat to cover the social scene. Are there actual celebrities in Philadelphia (And if so, who ranks highest in terms of popularity?)

HD: There are celebrities in Philadelphia, and there are personalities. The celebrities are the folks we see on TV everyday, the news people that go to the walk-a-thon events, auto dealer openings, they pose for photos, they sign autographs, they are marketable to promote charities and they have fans. Then there are the personalities who are the people that go to the charity events; the ones living those large lives that are similar to shows we watch on tv. Some of the people I have featured on my blog have become Philly celebrities and are recognized around town. What must one do in order to be included in a photograph or post on your site?
HD: I try and photograph interesting stories that are connected to a charity or just strike me as being interesting.This week, I broke the story regarding the Calder Park being dismantled and shipped away. The Inquirer picked up on it, and credited me with breaking the story. Then, it was picked up by MSNBC and CNN. What has been your craziest red carpet encounter?

Well it wasn’t a red carpet event, but I had a rather infamous run in with Jennifer Aniston at El Vez last summer. While she was in town filming Marley & Me, I asked her for a photo and her bodyguards went to town on me, breaking my lense. People want to know why I didn’t press charges and I guess I just didn’t want to magnify the negativity that some paparazzi create. By definition a paparazzi is someone who takes candid pictures of people, but we don’t all jump out of bushes, and rarely do we get treated so poorly.

I have had some great experiences with Demi Moore who let me photograph her when I promised not to shoot her again in Philly. I got the shot and although I was tipped off a dozen more times, I never photographed her again. Every time she made national news for something while she was filming in Philly, they ran my photo. (If you Google demi Moore Philadelphia, my site comes up first) Have you ever met a camera-shy celebrity?

HD: Ted Turner came out of his restaurant “Ted’s Montana” and didn’t want his photo taken (although I had already snapped a shot as I was asking). But, I said Ted, “how’s business at your restaurant, it’s probably slow.” What if I take this photo and give you some extra promotion?

Well, the photo appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, in the National Enquirer, OK Magazine and my Blog.

Last week I was at the Strongbox opening near Rittenhouse Square. Gerard Butler came in, greeted me and asked me not to take his photograph because he was in his “element”. Speaking of Philly *star* moments (Albeit not a good one) What do you make of the Jamie Foxx/Philly Hotel Intrusion story? HD: Yes, that was a shame. There’s a lot of blame to go around, maybe AKA. But, it would seem that Jamie would have had to approve access to the penthouse level for him to get so close. I am disturbed that he was able to get close to him three times and would be curious to know if the meetings occurred at the hotel, outside, or on location.

Even before Law Abiding Citizen came to town Gerard Butler fans were contacting me on how to get a hold of him. I would never tell them or reveal that information for this very reason.

I do think Jamie was extremely gracious when he gave a shout out to Philly and said that everything was cool. Does it strike you as odd that such a high profile celebrity didnt have better security? HD: Yes, very surprised. He was always walking around with a big posse whenever he did public appearances, and when he showed up at clubs. Last week,he went to Denim with fifteen people and then left by the back door, so he was aware of security. Have you heard any interesting theories being brought to light in the blogosphere?

HD: No, I don’t want to give those theories any credence, especially because this is such a serious matter. To your knowledge, is this a first-time occurrence or have you heard of other celebrity mishaps here in the city?

HD:Yes, and I will say ..In New York, businesses know the value of a celebrity visit. How does this affect Philly’s reputation in the eyes of celebrities? HD: I dont think its going to give us a bad reputation. Ryan Philippe, Demi Moore, Parker Posey, Gerard Butler (even with his crazy fans) walked around with almost no security and had a very nice experience here. I really think it’s an isolated incident.

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