THORNCROFT Victory Gala at the Bellevue benefiting Therapeutic Riding Programs for Special Needs People

On Saturday 4/4/09 I covered and extraordinary gala for an organization I never heard of before called Thorncroft:

Welcome to Non-Profit Thorncroft. Our mission is to help build the physical, emotional and mental well-being of all people; particularly those with special needs, through establishing an atmosphere of cooperation, respect and love in an equestrian environment. We are committed to a mainstreaming approach of teaching horseback riding, and to promoting the development of new and independent therapeutic riding programs. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with our weekly therapeutic lesson program. We offer private and group lessons for all ages and abilities Monday through Saturday, morning through evening Volunteers groom and tack lesson horses then assist students in the ring by leading or side aiding. In addition to our weekly lessons, we also have special programs with area schools and organizations, summer camp, Special Olympics, and special events.
Lauren Jendrasiak 610-644-1963

John Kallmeyer, Nicole Saunders, Christina Howard, Sarah Emmel, Annabel Moxon, Julia Taylor, Ben Prvette, Bethann Coradino, Jenn McGrew

Phanatic, Rebecca Bradbeer (who works at Thorncroft), Jenny Russo and Jennifer McDrew Nancy & John Amici, Salley & Jim Zemanck, Linda and Kevin Donahue and Mary Levin
Making the social scene Ron & Lisa Patterson enter the Grand Ballroom in the Park Hyatt Philadelphia at The Bellevue
Jayne Tolson, Sally Frazier, Mike Donohue

Nicole Miller’s Mary Donahue and her son Niles Neumann with the Phillies Phanatic and the Championship TrophyKip and Sherri Fedetz
Very stylish Sharon Jones and Barbara Gilbert
John Amici, Linda Donohue, Jim Zemanek admire a painting a friend did, then donated it to the silent auction.
Ronald and Marcia Rubin
Thorncroft offers instruction in Balanced Seat Equitation, Driving, Combined Training and Trail. We offer one-hour group lessons of up to six students with comparable skill levels. Private, half-hour lessons are also available. Depending upon the ability of the rider, lessons are held on the flat or over fences and might be in the indoor arena, outdoor enclosed ring, our cross country course or through the neighboring countryside.
The Park Hyatt Crew – Jason Cabrera, Assistant Manager of the Park Hyatt at The Bellevue; Judy Ellis Taylor, Director of Sales and Marketing; Andrew Speizman, Bellevue Property Manager, Attorney Jackie Penrod; and Jeffrey Miller, General Manager of the Park Hyatt.

Love is the most irresistible power in the universe. Caring is its very implementation…
That’s what healing is all about. – A Bob Dylan signed guitar was up for auctionRebecca Shields has her eye on a Cuisinart as she loves to cook.
We specialize in therapeutic horseback riding for mentally, emotionally and physically disabled children and adults, including training for those interested in learning this art. We offer our land, our equipment, our horses and our ideals. But most importantly, we offer ourselves and our love. Healing abounds here…come see for yourself, the joy of a student as he “walks” down the narrow country trail with his horse. The horse can take him places that his wheelchair cannot go!
Sallie & Saunders Dixon with Jay Tolson who received the Friend Award
George Rubin shares his daughters experience with Thorncroft and why he supports the organization. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, in fact I barely have any photos of him as I was so moved.

Backstage as George exits with friendsSallie & Saunders Dixon who care and nurture Thorncroft. If you would like to help the programs at THORNCROFT please contact them.