Last year Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham came to town to to film “Dream of the Romans” until the dream was cut out of the movie, and then later named Arlen Farber, after Director John Hindman’s father’s name, but then it didn’t test well with audiences and it was decided to call the movie “The Answer Man”. Lauren Graham plays a chiropractor, which reminds me I have to go to mine tomorrow I am dying. (a shot from the movie I took)

Jeff Daniels plays a crotchety middle age man. He came to visit two weeks ago to Philly to collect The Artistic Achievement Award from the Philadelphia Film Festival/Phila Cinefest. Here he is getting ready to order dinner at Del Frisco’s before the event; thanks Del Frisco.
He’s wearing a Detroit Tigers hat, he grew up in Chelsea, Michigan and is a huge fan of the team. He later told the audience that he would have filmed the movie in Michigan as they have great film tax credits, but Pennsylvania’s tax credit is better.
As luck would have it Governor Rendell was in the house hosting a fundraiser in the Vault. Jeff was more than pleased to go down and meet the Gov, but it was very packed and he was getting a bit antsy. He may have been in the movie arachnophobia, but I believe he suffered from claustrophobia as he was itching to leave as it was crowded and hot with a lot of Rendell supporters.Unfortunately I didn’t get the three shot as I hope as Jeff split as he was tight on his shooting schedule. If you check out a few interviews on YouTube you will see that he is truly an amazing, gifted, talented actor, but one of those that does not relish in his celebrity and the attention that goes along with it. What was surprising is that he would agree to accept “The Artistic Award”. I was excited that after 3 years of shooting the festival, I was going to get to shoot in the Green Room because the head photographer was off shooting the NCAA Championships for Louisville, her regular gig.

After shooting in several different scenarios, Thom Cardwell recommended JD pose with his wife, Kathleen Treado Daniels, his high school sweetheart to boot. Bingo he finally smiled and I got the shot I needed. (This shot appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer)Here’s Thom introducing Jeff Daniel’s to the audience
He was charming, witty and pleasant.
The Q&A was fun with WHYY’s Patrick Stoner doing the honors.
The website “Gone with the Twins” describes the movie as “Everyone wants to meet Arlen Faber (Jeff Daniels), the world famous author of the best-selling spiritual book “Me and God”, but crotchety, disgruntled Arlen simply wants to be left alone – and so far he’s been successful in keeping his identity a secret.” I enjoyed the movie, Lauren Graham was wonderful and Jeff Daniels diverse, best of all Philadelphia plays a big part, never looking more beautiful than in this movie.
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