Barney’s New York Co-op in Philadelphia !! VIP Opening Party by Philadelphia Style Magazine

I had a great time last night photographing Philadelphia Style Magazine’s Opening Night Party at Barney’s. (Did I mention I was on the Hot List in this issue, the 10th Anniversary Issue, it’s true and I am honored. I took over 200 photos last night, and there were a lot of people I just couldn’t fit on PCC. I am going to start something new, in three days time after an entry is posted, I will upload photos to my Gallery [see tab above]. For the price of a large vanilla latte you can purchase your photo w/o the watermark. The photo can only be for personal use ie facebook, framed whatever, but not for mean spirited blogs, or media of any kind w/o permission. I would love it if you gave PCC credit, as I cover mostly charity events and I want people to get to know and support these charities. 2ndly if your photo doesn’t appear it means that it could show up in the media somewhere. For events where I am hired as an event photographer, those photos belong to the organization that hired me, but they could still appear on PhillyChitChat.)

Last night was the Opening Party at Barney’s New York Co-op. It’s about time we got a Barney’s in Philadelphia. The store is located on the first two floors of the legendary Rittenhouse Club.
If you haven’t experienced the new BARNEY’s Store on Rittenhouse Square, I would like to show it to you through Philadelphia Style Magazine’s eyes… We will be hosting a VIP Party in honor of Barney’s Grand opening and would like to invite you join me as we take a rare glimpse at Philadelphia’s new gem.
At this point in my career I am excited to cover a Phila Style Magazine event as it’s a reunion of many of the people I have photographed over the past two years and it’s become easier. Plus it’s fun too.
Although it’s not always easy to get the fun “candid” shots that I like to take, because people like a nice posed photo with their friends, where they can check out the shot to make sure they look picture perfect.

Marykay Raschella, Lindsay Kravitz, Val Daily and Kaci Mitz.
But there are those occassions where friends don’t mind if you get the “gotcha” shot, especially if it is funny, and I don’t know two funnier, fun lovin girls than Sabrina & Strickland Monique Crawford. Sabrina is putting her headband in. L-R Robert Ambrosi (partner in the development company, ARCWheeler, the company that built 10 Rittenhouse), Carol Tamburino, Julianne Glatz, John Mai, Sabrina Strickland and the newly single, out on the town, promoting a Larry Farnese event for June 2 ask her about it Lindsay Furman (I hope I get to cover it for PCC)
Andi Pesacov and Justin Fine. Andi is the broker that worked on the deal to get Barney’s here. A big thank you to you, as I may not be able to afford it, but I appreciate a store of that quality and magnitude anchoring Rittenhouse Row and dialing it up a bit as far as style and quality for Philadelphia.
Rittenhouse’s newest guilty pleasure will feature designers like Rag and Bone, Alexander Wang, A.L.C., Shipley & Halmos, Marc Jacobs, DVF (which btw I have a photo of Katherine McPhee is this weeks Life & Style mag wearing a DVF. I took it during fashion week), Band of Outsiders, and Raf by Raf Simons, just to name a few. The store will be open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Sunday’s from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Vittoria Woodill (a former Eagles cheerleader and LaSalle student, is now with the CW Philly 57 Crew), WOGL’s Jamyra Perry and KYW’s Melony Roy. I love spring colors.
Model Joey Elmo, Kerri Smith, guests, Jill Rizen and guest.
The lovely Toni Crawford (getting out there socially lately, twice on PCC this week) and NYC Celebrity and Socialite Stylist, Derek Warburton, single-handedly is changing the economy by showing the American people how to shop smarter. This week he is filming a few segments in Philadelphia. Look for him around Rittenhouse Row, checking out a few places including Joan Shepp. Speaking of Rittenhouse Row, look for a Nike Y3 shop to open soon, but since I haven’t been given the OK I don’t feel comfortable saying where it’s going to be located.
Tiffany T. Branch and Lisa Cohen are my new BFF’s. Lisa went to school at Widener University School of Law in DelawareWhich is where Mia Tinari is just finishing up her final year with exams wrapping up this week. With her is Real Estate agent Nigel Richards, Check out his page and blog and see if Nigel Knows Philly
Perhaps he’s looking for new digs for Mia’s intended Dave, who’s moving to town in just a few weeks. Dr. Harold Jaffe and Roberta Dranoff. Roberta says that “exciting thing are happening in Philly, it’s a snergy and all developers want to see their competition succeed because in the end it just helps Philly move forward.”
Noah Stein (Artie Lange, cast member of the Howard Stern Show, signs at Borders, Philadelphia 6/3 6PM), Feastivities Events announces the dynamic and innately talented Scott Barnes as Director of Marketing & Public Relations and Alla Kligman. Feastivities provided the food tonight and it was outstanding, and I’m not just saying that, it was unique and tasty. Tony Piazza and Aly Green (I work a lot with Aly and she is a joy, not only is she my “boss” but my friend too)
Speaking of friends, Jonathan Vendrick was my guest (VIP Concierge at Loews Hotel), the kind that I say Jonathan enjoy, meet people, network and I will be running around taking photos the whole time. Jonathan so enjoyed himself he bought a pair of sneakers and shirt to go along with his gift bag at the end of the night. With him is his long lost friend he ran into, Amy Branzuela. They used to work together at HMV on South Street. Those were wild times. Amy is the Marketing Support Associate at Starr Restaurants
Now this is the kinda photo I like, a whole bunch of beautiful women in one shot. Kaci Mitz (who I hadn’t seen since New Year’s Day and since that period she has gone on to meet a man and they live together. You go girl!), Kristin Foote, and would it be a party, especially a VIP party w/o my girl Sabrina Tamburino (the girl is disappearing, rumor has it she’s on that wedding diet’s potential brides do; and thanks to the lovely Brooke de Villanova, we know what kind of wedding Sabs is having. No botox that week for me, ’cause I’m gonna be wearing a mask.) Sabrina Strickland, Marrissa Rosen, Monique Crawford and Erin Elmore.
guest, G-N Kang (who tells me her body is sore from football practice. We will be joined in sore together as I was just picked to be on Philly’s version of the biggest loser by NBC10 and FusionCrossTraining, but I will write more on this later.) Ruben Harley, Meesha Miller and Erin Elmore (winner of this years Philly’s version of “Dancing with the Stars”, hmmm maybe someday I will title myself, winner of Philly’s version of Biggest Loser?)
On the far right, “The Mayor” Drew Carballo serves up as a celebrity bartender at 32 Degrees Luxe Lounge’s “Rise Up Thursday Local Celebrities” TONIGHT 10PM til Midnight. With him is Bobby Hiestand and Erin ChurchillArthur Kade and Steve Ward, the host of reality show “Tough Love” on VH1. These two have more in common than just living their lives on a reality show; if you were at Rouge last night around 10PM you may have been able to connect the dots.
The Mayor – Drew Carballo, Brooke Bugatti, Ruben Harley, and Lee Christy
Donna Coghlan and Amanda Hartung Lily Conner and John Giordano
Reggie Brown and John Colabelli and friends. John is Hampton’s bound this weekend.
Anthony DeMaio and model Brittany Ann Cormack who we last saw at the Ettore 10th Anniversary party. Ironically another big party going on last night was a party at Ettore Salon for Charles Cushing. I couldn’t make it, but heard it was very nice.
Nicole Bilcher, who just had a lovely wedding shower with friends and family. With her is her fiance Charles Paloux. Wedding is within the next 2 weeks.
Leonard and Raya Kadyshes
Guest, Peter Breslow, Dana Spain and Steve Rockman. Dana tells me she’s gonna spend the weekend with her new guy, enjoying Philadelphia. When people leave town for the weekends, she enjoys the town the best. She loves Philadelphia, don’t you?
Girls on the town Lauren Nelson, Alycia Lane and Lauren O’Dorisio. This trio will be with their media boyfriends in the Hampton’s this week celebrating lots of Bdays. Chris Booker (5/20), Alycia (5/10), and Lauren’s (5/28), Lauren O and John Colabelli both January babies, and John Bolaris Feb 12 ( Former Q102 guy Booker just landed a gig in L.A. He told Howard Stern [who he BBQ with over the Memorial day Weekend with the posse] that Lane is coming with him.)