SWEET ENDINGS yogurt palace to open in Rittenhouse Square June 1

18th & Chestnut final reveal. A few weeks ago I wrote about a Head Shop being opened behind this store, but with the brown paper still taped over the windows I could see what was going on inside what used to be the Amazon Juice store for many years.
I thought for sure it would be a nail salon

I couldn’t have been further from the truth, it is a frozen yogurt store.Although they were still working on the place, I went in with a few questions. They are only going to sell frozen yogurt. The yogurt will be based on recipes from Japan/Korea/Asia.
they will be organic, low fat, sugar free yogurt based on Japanese recipes. It seems to me that this place is going to be similar to a place called Pinkberry, which is a franchise of upscale frozen dessert restaurants headquartered in Los Angeles, California. There are currently 72 stores, mostly located in Southern California with thirteen in New York City. The first store opened in January 2005 by Korean Americans Shelly Hwang and Young Lee.[1] The tart, frozen dessert has a groupie-like following who sometimes refer to it as “Crackberry”[1] (not to be confused with the BlackBerry, which has also been nicknamed the Crackberry). The company acknowledges its cult-like following by maintaining a “groupie corner” on its website. (Wikepedia)
They only had vanilla yogurt on my visit, but he said he would have at least 6 flavors including the popular Green Tea. They will be open 7 days a week with amazing hours for all the club goers. S – Th 10 -11PM on Friday’s & Saturday 10AM – 2AM; One tiny problem, no one seemed to speak English, just a lot of pointing going on, so it’s a good thing it looks like it’s self serve.

So next time you are done with the Continental, cross the street and enjoy “Sweet Ending” before you end your night.I like the complimentary color scheme that they both share.
And there’s ample seating. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually you could dine alfresco at “Sweet Ending”

I made a mistake it’s called Sweet Ending as they posted a For Help Sign