PCC wrote about two new dining choices in Philadelphia today. Be sure to check out the entry below too to read about the new Korean yogurt place at 18th & Chestnut with club hours.

On March 18, 2009 I wrote that the Ritz would add outside dining to the menu as soon as they were able to get permission. Today the smokers were kicked off the steps, and the diners were welcomed to dine 10 Arts alfresco with Chef Jennifer Carroll for the first time. Now you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and even just drinks
on any of the 6 tables are on the top landing of the steps at the Ritz.
There are 4 two tops and two 4 tops. Another item I wrote about was the new awnings and signage for the building. The Ritz is still waiting for these items to be approved by L&I. The new awnings will say the Ritz-Carlton, currently they are just blue. And at the corner of Broad and Chestnut, they hope to add a sign that says “10 Arts” restaurant.
Here’s the March 18th entry ***Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. On Tuesday look for the latest happening’s at Smith’s and what Chef Brendan Smith is doing about it.