I’m going to listen to one of my commentators and not comment on this, because he’s right I am a Social Diary (Please visit the charities/events I cover on my blog), but because I am getting a lot hits regarding this I just want to direct you to two sites that are discussing this issue.

Check Philly Blunt for Brian Hickey’s take on the piece. Also check out the great article in Philly Mag on Thursday regarding Brian Hickey and his battle to live after a drunk driver almost killed him last winter.

Also fan favorite Philebrity…
Arthur Kade Apparently Not Even Half The Man His Father Is: We were gonna hold off on writing about this until T..


and the Philly Mag Article Here

I hear the issue will be out on the stands Thursday, and the link will go live again then. (Andy Kauffman still comes to mind when I think about Arthur Kade)