(I know you are probably looking for my 2009 Tony Awards photos, but with very little sleep yesterday, and very little time, (I had to work out, today’s weigh in day) I couldn’t do them justice) Tonight I will do them)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Please Touch Museums Storybook Ball with my niece and nephew Kelsy & Dillon (clever name eh?). As most of you know I am a huge fan of the Please Touch Museum, and this night just cemented my belief that it is one of the best museums for kids that I have ever seen.This family fundraising event will be open to all families – bring your grandchildren, children, niece or nephew! Families will be encouraged to dress as their favorite storybook characters and will enjoy food provided by Max and Me, carousel rides, entertainment, a theatrical production of “Eat Like a Pirate”

Tim, Laura with kids Diana and Vanessa Henne
nephew Dillon and niece Kelsey
Cynthia Moghanaki, Bridgette Bonatsas, and Hanna Moghanaki
There are so many different areas for the kids to play in. There’s a room with arts and crafts, a McDonald’s, A kitchen, and this grocery store where kids can be like mommy and daddy buying food for the family. It’s really cute.
Dillon and Kelsey fall into the Rabbit Hole in the Alice and Wonderland exhibit. Now the black circle is not special effects, it’s me having the wrong lens on my new camera. It’s irritating that with my new camera I have to get different lenses. Could someone who works for Nikon fix that?
Kelsey playing on the “Big” piano.
Longtime members Henry and Claudia Scott, with Leah Scott, Jazzie Winguard love the new facility and location.

This is a fun section, you can sit in the cars and pretend to drive them, even the horns work. Adults seem to like the race cars too.The Please Touch Museums President Nancy Kolb (purple boa) with Roy, Amy, Holly, Andy and grandchildren Faye and Harry.

Kelsey loves the hand sanitizers located through out the building. It is the Please Touch Museum after all.
This was Dillon’s favorite part, the boats and water park, he didn’t want to wear the waterproof bib and returned home a bit wet.The Pennsylvania Ballet’s Suzette Logue and Lily DiPiazza with Andrea Hoffman, VP Community Programs Outreach & Partnership,
my niece is so dramatic, like her uncle
The end. They have a great gift shop.