According to Wikepedia:
The Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre, more commonly known as the Tony Awards, recognize achievement in live American theatre and are presented by the American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League[1] at an annual ceremony in New York City. The awards are for Broadway productions and performances, and an award is given for regional theatre. A discretionary non-competitive Special Tony Award and the Tony Honors for Excellence in Theatre are also given.[2] The awards are named after Antoinette Perry, co-founder of the American Theatre Wing.

Anne Hathaway at the 2009 Tony Awards Rehearsal. Every year I go and shoot the departures.
This year I decided to Tweet the experience through my Twitter name iPhillyChitChat; I guess they were interesting enough that the website NewYorkology (thanks!!) picked them up and told people to follow me or #Tonys, which was the Twitter search the Tony Awards set up for everyone to follow to get the minute by minute detail of the happenings. You know I enjoyed that.

Lin-Manuel Miranda tells me to check out his cool SWAG bag. Lights up in the dark.
Interesting enough tough guy James Gandolfini chose the Vera Bradley bag
I had been following Jane Fonda on her Twitter account (she was also listed on Newyorkology @JaneFonda), and her blog and she said she was going to go to certain plays on certain days. So on Saturday I went to the Reasons to be Pretty matinee. She was having lunch with Oprah that day and I thought they would go together (Oprah went to a different play). Anyway Jane arrived by cab, I waited for her to situate herself and then asked for a photo. She was very gracious and gave me a couple good shots. Later when I reviewed the photos she had an obvious wardrobe malfunction, that she would surely have noticed or someone would have mention to her later that day. The photo would have been worth more money because of it, but I deleted it. Later in this entry you will see the message I sent her. Here’s Jane Sunday morning at the Tony Awards Rehearsal.
This year’s Tony Awards were the most fantastic ever! Neil Patrick Harris was sensational! That finale alone makes him the best host in history! If you didn’t catch the opening of the Tony’s go to YOUTUBE “2009 Tony Awards – Opening Part 1″ Then “2009 Tony Awards – Opening Part 2” It will blow you away, and sets the tone for something fantastic. Neil Patrick Harris & Boyfriend David Burtka. Tovah Feldshuh always brings it
Chandra Wilson takes a break from Grey’s Anatomy to star in Chicago this summer. Note the hair is ready for her to take on the role of Matron Mama Morton.
Audra McDonald, daughter, new man and his son
Five Frankie Vallis from the North American Jersey Boys (Toronto-Joseph Leo Bwarie, Las Vegas- Rick Faugno, National Tour- Courter Simmons, Chicago- Dominic Scaglione Jr., Broadway- Jarrod Spector) companies and performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” & “Oh What A Night” with the Broadway Cast. Pictured with Frankie Valle, from Philadelphia.

Legend Dolly Parton. The only person missing this night was Lily Tomlin. She was there last year. And yes Dolly is just a little bitty thing. Same wonderful welcoming voice.
Sutton Foster, up for a Tony in “Shrek The Musical,” on the red carpet. To her left is her brother Hunter Foster.

Barbara Cook was sadly lost in the mix. By this time the carpet was getting packed. I recognized her, and wanted to get the shot for my friend Sarah who is a huge fan. Check out Sarah’s blog.
Marcia Gay Harden and her mom. Her father, brother, and husband are all named Thaddaeus.
Anne Hathaway stars in Daniel Sullivan’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night, to play the Delacorte Theatre, June 10-July 12, with an opening set for June 25. Did you know that the Anne Hathaway (1556 – 6 August 1623) was the wife of William Shakespeare. For more information, call 212-967-7555 or visit Colin Hanks of “33 Variations” surrounded by peeps cluttering my photo. It didn’t matter as the PR Firm PMK/HBH had placed me in a most coveted spot, the FRONT ROW. Alot of times when I am shooting, you may know, that I get 2nd or 3rd row as I have to come up from Philly and put my name down on the snapper list. I always arrive in the late afternoon, so that sucks for me. This year at the Tony’s they had marked spots and I was thrilled to be where I was, others not so happy. But is celeb photographer world you can imagine how competitve it is. Legend of legends Angela Lansbury
Lauren Graham tells me that her movie “The Answer man” opens in a few weeks. It was filmed in Philadelphia. I already saw it and enjoyed it despite the grouch Jeff Daniels being in it.
Constantine Maroulis and his mom Constance P. Maroulis
Noah, my friend Sarah’s friend & Phyllis Newman on the red carpet. If you are into Broadway and want to read a fantastic blog, check out Sarah’s blog. Rock of Ages band Poison. Here’s a fan on the Red Carpet getting in my picture so he could get a picture (UpdateThanks!!: [More than a fan] Barry Habib, Rock of Ages producer and all around nice guy- LOL- the entire cast was so excited about the Tonys! )
Julie Chin wouldn’t reveal any secrets to the upcoming 7th Season of Big Brother.
I was over the moon when “Knots’ Landing” alum Michelle Lee came into my viewfinder, and I think she knew it as she gave me this big smile.
Mark Indelicato a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Indelicato has been raised in nearby Neshaminy in Bucks County. He is of Puerto Rican and Italian ancestry. One of three regulars on Ugly Betty with Philadelphia ties, the others being Ana Ortiz, who plays his mother Hilda on the show, and Becki Newton, the receptionist at Mode on the show. Here he is with his mother. When shooting in NYC, especially events like the Tony Awards, I do try and focus on Philadelphian’s as those are the photos Michael Klein would be interested in publishing in the inquirer.

Hughe says (on Jane Fonda’s Blog, which was moderated and then she published it):

Glad you monitor your comments because I wouldn’t have ever written this statement on your blog, Just want to tell you I didn’t submit the photo I took of you (at Reasons…) to my agency as you had a wardrobe malfunction and I’m not the type of “paparazzi” that ever wants to embarrass anyone. I look forward to photographing you again tonight at the Tony Awards. Could you come down to Philadelphia some day for a book signing, there are many fans there that would love to see you. I have a blog there that focuses on many charitable events.
That evening on the red carpet, when Jane Fonda got right in front of me, she said “Hugh”, I put my camera lower. She pointed at me, did a thumbs up, said said thank you twice. I was so stunned that I missed this shot, but Kevin Mazur from Wireimage who was standing near me got the shot. (I love his stuff, he founded Wireimage and just a few years ago sold it to Getty Images)
Then it was up to the 64th Floor to the “Press Room”.
This is the video/media/radio room. All these folks are in that media. To the right is a stage where the winner of a Tony would meet those press people. In a room next to this was a nice spread for dinner. I focused on the fruits as most of you know I have started my mid-life crisis diet. To watch the Tony’s on this floor, you needed to hand in your ID and exchange it for a headset. Since I was in the throes of curiosity of what was going on on the floor I skipped the headset, and now really regret it, because I know I missed an excellent shot that just isn’t done justice on Youtube.

This was my room with the photographers. We would be here from 7 – midnight ready to capture the actors & their Tony’s. It was a high energictic room and everyone we photographed was on Cloud 9 after winning.

Seriously, who would have thought these kids, who appeared at last year’s Tony Award’s, would themselves be Tony winners one year later. So AWESOME!! How they have grown in a year too. (Please credit if you take this photo)

Alice Ripley, Marcia Gay Harden, Actors David Alvarez, Kiril Kulish, Trent Kowalik and Jeffrey Rush accept an award on stage during the 63rd Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall.
Super Hot Karen Olivo of “West Side Story”

I probably missed a dozen good shots to shoot this video, but it was worth it to bring it to you.

This show
Could not be any gayer
If Liza was named mayor
And Elton John took flight Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
Let the sunshine
This is what happens when you don’t have
the right lens on. I wish I had anticipated this and would have put my wide angle on.

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