PHILADELPHIA GAY & LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL IS NOW The PHILADELPHIA QFEST & it’s going on right now 7/9 – 7/20 – How to Find your Photos

The PHILADELPHIA GAY & LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL IS NOW The PHILADELPHIA QFEST & it’s going on right now 7/9 – 7/20 (follow along on twitter at #PQF09 or @QFest )
Opening night for the Philadelphia QFest kicked off with a screening of Chad Allen’s new movie Hollywood je t’aime Screening at the Prince Theater. Then it was off to the University of The Arts for a huge opening gala. Opening Night kicked off early with an exclusive VIP reception for Chad Allen at the stunning Rittenhouse Square apartment of Host Committee Gold Members Jay Arnold and Bruce Campbell. The lovely and talented Courtney Custer hosted pre-screening festivities that featured Mayor Nutter’s hilarious and enthusiastic presentation of the city proclamation to QFest and the adorable Chad Allen’s gracious acceptance of this year’s Artistic Achievement Award. A Q&A with first time director Jason Bushman, producer Charlie Wurmfeld, and stars Eric Debets and Chad Allen followed the screening of Hollywood, je t’aime.
Celebrating their 15th year, QFest is the largest LGBT film fest on the East Coast – 12 days full of 100+ films plus outdoor screenings, special guests, and loads of parties and events.Cory and Andrew seem to be enjoying their evening.
Norval & Craig Copeland-Bailey with Chad Allen. After I took this photo, Chad asked the guys how long they had been together. Noval said 30 years. And with that Chad brought his bf over to meet the two, asked someone to take a photo of the 4 of them and said I want this to be our inspiration that relationships can be long lasting.

Matt Ray and JimmyStyle Contreras have similar tastes in clothing. To find the photos that may have been taken of you by one of the festival photographers, go to the QFest Website and click on RELIVE THE MEMORIES WITH QFEST PHOTOS AND VIDEOS [7.12.09]

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I didn’t take this bottom picture.