It’s the mid-point of the NBC 10’s “Be a Ten in Ten Weeks” and damn it’s hard work. I have a new found appreciation for people that exercise, seriously exercise, as I can see that getting your body in shape and staying there requires hard work, discipline and a plan. (Last week I didn’t do so hot as reported by NBC10’s website: “Philly paparazzo and blogger Hughe Dillon had a tough week, but the holiday weekend wasn’t the problem. After his sister received some bad news about her ovarian cancer (Prayers for Judy please), Hughe made a trip to Jersey for a dozen cream doughnuts [McMillian’s, I didn’t eat all of them just 4]. The sympathy eating put him back at 292 lbs. — canceling out five of his total 10 lb. loss.)
Male model and interior designer Joe Matthews , who most probably are thinking what the heck is he doing in this “Challenge”? But this is a challenge against ourselves, to feel and look the best that we believe we can. Over the past couple years Joe bulked up, but it wasn’t with muscles, it was fat and it was because of his carb addiction especially to pizza (who doesn’t love pizza). So last winter he joined one of the boot camp sessions, and was able to get into shape and lose most of his weight EXCEPT THOSE PESKY LAST 10 LBS. That’s why he is here, he’s going through what a lot of people go through (I wish I had that problem). He works out smart, he uses Fusion as his primary gym, but also belongs to a gym closer to his home where he does supplemental workouts to work towards his goals. He also works with the nutritionist at Fusion to understand what he’s eating.
Q102 DJ Nicole Michalik She was on the NBC reality TV show, The Biggest Loser and lost more than 100 pounds. On her DJ page, she talks about her “really crazy workouts” and her tweets are really fun. She often gives me advice on how to control that “Stinking Thinking” that sabotages us all when we set out to achieve goals that seem impossible.
Nicole and a few others in the boot camp have great suggestions for healthy eating:
8 Perfect Fitness Foods

One of the boot club members blog on food
Eating Good in the Hood

Another Booter’s webiste not on food

Megan R. Smith is a busy woman who runs her own PR company, Brownstone PR. She’s also one of my BFF’s. She really works hard at her program, and is making huge progress over the past few weeks. Megan and I share lots of common interests, besides the gift of gab, we both struggle with food issues, but are working thru them. We may not solve them in these 10 weeks, but we will recognize and address them.
Megan wins for the best line since that women on Survivor told Richard Hatch she would walk over his dying body: “Let’s face it vegetables are not that tasty, they are not as good as McDonald’s fries,” she says. Recently Megan suffered two pulled hamstring during an outdoor boot camp. It was really scary to see her drop to the ground, just like in the movies. Immediately Coach Jesse jumped into action and began working on her legs, massaging them, stretching them, and shockingly to me after about 10 mins Megan was up and working out again. It was impressive to see Jesse bring her back from scary agony on the pavement to a point where she was able to continue again at a modified pace. Fusion coaches are educated in their field, know what they are doing and are great under pressure. There are a lot of things I like about the Fusion concept. I love that it’s like getting personal training even though it’s with 10 – 20 other people in the room, but with that, there’s extra encouragement from your fellow boot campers. I love how they change the routine up constantly. Then there’s the different coaching styles. I love that they have outdoor boot camp, I don’t love that I have to run more than a block outside. But I do like doing sprints, and all other crazy things in the grass where dogs have run and if you asked me 6 weeks ago to crawl around Washington Square Park I would have said you were crazy, but I love the endorphins I get after a Fusion workout. I never got them working out on my own, although I hear it’s possible.
So as I pass the mid-point point I want to thank everyone for their support, it means a lot. I hope I have inspired some people to do something about weight loss, if you feel that way. I guess we’ve all heard it before, it’s up to us and no one can make that decision. Sure I am doing this for the sake of my sister Judy as she asked me to, but I really am doing it for myself. Had I not done something I would be over 300lbs now because I just wouldn’t stop, not couldn’t, but wouldn’t, I really didn’t know how. I know I am a good candidate for Weight Watchers and should also go to Overeaters Anonymous, but at this moment I use my training program to support me through my food issues. But for you, I would suggest either of those programs to help you get your food issues under control, and then look into an exercise program that fits your schedule.
By the looks of me you would think I never worked out, but that’s not the truth. For years I biked, bladed and went to the gym, but about 10 years ago I began ramping up my career and extracurricular activities (including choosing all the wrong foods) and exercising fell as a priority, which brings me here I am at this moment crossing my fingers and toes that I lost a decent about of weight so I can feel like a Ten in Five weeks. Tomorrow at 6:45AM tune into NBC10 (or check the video at
Here’s Week 4’s video Plus check out Gavin’s Use the 90/10 compliance rule when eating, especially emotional eating: