I was invited by DUSK/Cashman & Assocs. to cover an event at DJ AM’s new club Dusk located in Caesars Atlantic City Casino Saturday July 18, 2009 and this is my story:

A Dawning of a new era in Atlantic City, heck in club going PERIOD; A few weeks ago with the opening of Dusk, presented by DJ AM and Red Stripe Plane Group located in Caesars Atlantic City Casino (Cover Charge $20)..
Located on the casino floor of the Caesars Casino nicely tucked in the corner, Dusk is a modern playground for the dance set. (I love shooting clubs when they’re empty, well almost empty.)
There are 30 VIP tables where bottle service is available, two DJ booths flanking two elevated stages at the center of the dance floor, and a “Funktion One” sound system that cranks out 100,000 watts of power.

There are two bars on the club’s main level, and a classic-looking lounge area called the Dawn Room equipped with its own bar, mahogany wood panels and granite-tiled floor.This is the ladies bathroom it was just too hot not to photograph. Those lampshades remind me of the frames from hoop skirts that ladies wore in the 1800’s. What a beautiful room for the ladies to go to to freshen up returning to the dance floor with their fierce selves. GM Kevin Friel, Robin Thicke and Dusk, co-owner Eric Millstein, vice president of Red Stripe Plane Group

I heard that Nick Lachey was hitting Dusk on Saturday night, it was going to be a low key thing, but would I like to come down and shoot the event. Sure will Nick just parted from Vanessa, and blond beauty Jessica Simpson recently single herself surely would be packing to rendevous with Nick in Atlantic City. Just last week Us Magazine screamed “Is there a reunion ahead for these two?”, and I thought I need to be there to record that moment. Sure enough there was a blond on hand at Dusk that night.But her time seemed to be occupied by none other than self made celeb blogger (or as I coined “The Reality Blogger” when I meta-tagged my photos for the wireservice – LOL) Arthur Kade. You know what his photos were picked up by sites. He is a viable celebrity, self made, he’s a marketing tool too, it’s only a matter of time before people start wanting to buy that hat he’s wearing.
There are two DJ Booths. (DJ AM was on vacation, but I will look for an invite to a future gig and bring it all to you. I didn’t get this DJ’s name, but he was good. The dance floor was moving and packed for a good 4hrs, then they switch him out and the next guy played mostly house no words music, then slow jams for the ride home.) Next to these booths are 4 private VIP areas. I was partying it up with friends from Philly.
My favorite “It Girl” Sabrina Tamburino was there, and crazy with her girlfriends as she was celebrating the first of many bacherolorette parties kicking it off at DUSK!! Lauren D’Orsio, Nicole Cashman, Jill Rizen, Nina Tinari (who came in from Harrisburg where’s she’s been since the budget crisis), Lauren Beloff, Allison, Carol, Erin Elmore, Kristen Foote and others who I can’t recall in my sleepy stupor.
I love this feature. It’s not a smoke machine, it’s like a dry ice machine. After working it up on the dance floor, the DJ knows just the right time to drop this cloud of cool, refreshing air mass to douse the flames and ground us for another hot, heart pumping beats.
Just in time for an impromptu concert at 1AM by Robin Thicke, who had been performing at the House of Blues earlier in the night. After taking the “stage” Robin who’s not afraid of being up close and personal with his fans, invited a few to join him. He sang three songs, with many of the girls acting as back-up and keeping the grove going for the crowd who were flashing and recording the moment for memories and hopefully YouTube.

Then it was back to boom boom boom now everybody say wayoh (wayoh) I say boom boom boom now let me hear you say wayoh (wayoh) I say boom boom boom now everybody say wayohJill Rizen and bride to be Sabrina Tamburino rock it out.Tony Piazza stops by for a bit of fun. L – Jill Rizen, R- Kristen Foote
No doubt Twittering, these are a few of the things I tweeted Saturday night: – The lovely jill rizen @dusk loving the vip lounge. – 2 most search girls on phillychitchat sabrina tamburino and nina tinari (in that order)

  1. – Wild Sabrina Tamburino bacherlorette party @dusk in well. from TwitPic
  2. Thriller is on and the crowd is going wild. from TwitterBerry
  3. Arthur kade is sitting with kristin cavalleri. She’s with some gay guy so if he can’t end his drought there’s no hope for him. from TwitterBerry
  4. OMG THIS PLACE IS F**King amazing. Wish I were straight ’cause that’s who’s mostly here. @Dusk @ Caesars AC from TwitterBerry
  5. – Good morning!! I guess everyone is still in bed as only lifeguards on beach. from TwitPic
  6. @DJ_AM I was just at your club Dusk w/kristine cavalleri and nick lachey and it was off the hook. Awesome club, great music. from TwitterBerry
  7. I just danced for 4hrs straight. I’m gonna consider this a workout. @Dusk from TwitterBerry

Nicole Cashman of the PR firm Cashman & Associates (she reps the club, in addition to the entire Caesar’s Pier shopping complex which would be a whole ‘nother piece. I took a tour and it was amazing. In fact Atlantic City is not what I remembered it as a kid)
Rose petals are not allowed to be thrown at Dusk, someone could slip and hurt themselves. In fact the Dusk staff was right on it when people spilled drinks, broke entire vodka bottles and they broke, and whatever calamity came down the pike (thrown rose buds). They have an entire team that goes to the area, cordons it off until it’s made safe again. Very impressive.
all the single ladies (all the single ladies), all the single ladies (all the single ladies),
Lauren D’Orsio, Sabrina Tamburino, Jill Rizen and G-N Kang

I had a great time, and can’t wait to go back.
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