Lately in Atlantic City swimming pools are getting almost as popular as slot machines. It seems like every Casino or hotel is sporting a body of water in which you don’t have to step on sand to get to. As promised on my Twitter ” iphillychitchat” Philly Chit Chat visited 2 of Atlantic City’s newest and seemingly hottest ventures, I dare someone to differ.
Yesterday we covered Dusk and today we’ll talk about the Chelsea Hotel. The website states that “The Chelsea ushers in a new era of Atlantic City chic, re-imagining the fabled heyday of “America’s Playground” for the savvy modern traveler. The first non-gaming hotel to grace the Boardwalk since the 1960s, the Chelsea captures imaginations by conjuring the long-lost glamour and sophistication of this seaside resort town as a magical retreat where leisure and luxury come together in a perfect blend of great service, true comfort, and alluring spaces.” Just by looking at this sign it kinda reminds you of old Las Vegas and the Rat Pack Days. And that is what I found inside, a classy, woodsy comfortable place to stay.

The Fifth Floor pool and deck area screams cool, whether lounging in the sun and swimming in the heated pool listening to a DJ by day, or dancing at night. Bikini-clad waitresses a plus. We first met them last Thursday at the Philly Style Magazine party. Along with these folks. It was just a lucky coincidence that they same weekend the Dusk/Cashman & Assocs invited me to cover an event at Dusk, that Sabrina Tamburino was having the first of many bacherlorette parties before her big plunge.
The pool on the main floor offers a relaxed, serene place to take a dip or relax.

How cool is it to have a DJ play as you are sunning or swimming. This crowd was not shy, as you will see in a second, and many of the guests were dancing in the aisle. I should have asked if the drinks were strong. Then again everyone is on vacation and away from the stresses of the day.

The Chelsea is touted as “a delightfully unpredictable house party”.Hey it’s Brett Perloff is very busy lately with starting a company Perl Media which is a dynamic communications and events company specializing in nightlife promotion and consultation, special event production. Which includes running events at:
* The Chelsea including C5 and the Cabana Club
* Dusk Nightclub
* Strongbox
* National Jean Company

Congratulation SabrinaI think I need to make another trip to The Chelsea. That day I was in and out in 30 minutes. Now doing this blog I see that in the evening the 5th floor turns into a nightclub atmosphere. I must have missed the pool tables. So if you are looking for an alternative to the hustle of the casino’s, you might just want to check out the Chelsea, a cooler by the mile luxe and classy spot to go. An adult playground.

I took a quick walk around the hotel but was short on time or I would have taken pixs of the various rooms. I did check out Stephen Starr’s Chelsea Prime which is on the 5th floor and looked like a swanky, classy, relaxed eatery with an amazing view of the ocean. Now there’s a place I NEED TO GO BACK TO.