NBC10/FUSION CROSS TRAINING “BE A 10 IN 10 WEEKS CHALLENGE” “taking the bridge” by running all 9,573 feet worth of the Ben Franklin — twice.

Fusion Cross-training is all about from its creator and top fitness trainer Gavin McKay. Gavin’s workout give you an idea of how complete Fusion’s fitness training is: cardio, speed, strength, balance, flexibility and athleticism. He then leads his clients through a Fusion Cross-training workout, which includes cardio intervals, free weight strength training, as well as yoga stretch and relaxation. (Happy Birthday PR Maven Megan Smith )

So here we are the 7th Week of NBC10’s “Be a 10 in 10 Weeks”. I don’t look like a 10, but I feel like I am on my way to living a 10 life. This picture sums it up for me, I am not a morning person, but since starting this program it’s not unheard of for me to pop out of bed at 5:30AM to head out the door for a 6:30AM work out. (For the BF Bridge run I got to sleep in as we met at 7AM)My friend of 25 years Colleen. She’s my sister’s BFF and they met in nursery school. She join Fusion Cross Training a few weeks ago to get into Bridal Shape as she is taking the plunge in October.
Austin Williams participated in last winter’s boot camp to pack on the pounds as he was always a little underweight.

And we’re off. It was so exilerating to be up at that hour and see the sights, er I mean feel the wind against my face
“Hughie, stop taking pictures and run,” screamed Fusion Fitness trainer Gavin McKay. He’s been acting as our boot camper’s guide along the road to fitness, but Hughe Dillon was naturally distracted while shuffling across the blue-toned bridge — he is a photographer after all. The blogger and local celebrity paparazzo has worked hard to make a change in his life. “I was afraid to go out,” Hughe said for fear of being ridiculed. (I got over the afraid part when I ballooned to 250+ and well there was no hiding that) There’s been a few setbacks along the way (Mostly my stubborness to give up bad habits), but after this week’s results Hughe can afford to stop and take in the sights. He completed four workouts and dropped another 2.5 lbs. bringing the total loss thus far to 11 lbs.
I used to just say there’s no way I could ever get to be 300lbs, but you know what I didn’t prevent it. I didn’t have a plan, and as my friends and family watched I barrelled my way thru to that ungodly, unhealthy weight.
Now things are different. Now I have a plan, am armed with a food journal, have the amazing support of others, especially at Fusion and most importantly I believe in my future and am not letting my weight hold me back or make excuses for me. So whether you work out at a gym, or at home, you need to have the tools to help you achieve your goals. Go out and buy a note book to write your goals, to keep track of your meals, to dream of a better future. I’m not asking you to lose 20, 30 or a 100lbs, I’m asking you to take the steps that are going to allow you to move better, feel better and more confident about yourself. Maybe it’s only a few lbs that are going to do it. To me the 11lbs I lost is just a number, the real difference is I am up 3 belt holes, now that was really something tagible that I could appreciate.

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For my Birthday tomorrow I’m joining Weight Watchers. You can do it online now, plus they have a great support system with customer service, advisors and message boards.

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