PR & Me Perfect together – The Phila Public Relations Association 65th Anniversary

I need the members of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association, and they need to know who I am so that I can do my best job in getting the news you might be interested in reading. So when I heard about the 65th anniversary of the PPRA I jumped at the invitation to cover it.
Earlier this summer, members of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association assembled on the 33rd floor of the Loew’s Hotel for the organization’s Annual Meeting and 65th Anniversary Kick-Off. (From their Press Release) In what are no doubt challenging times for our profession, what better way to acknowledge PPRA’s strength and lasting power than to commemorate its over six decades of amazing work? The Philadelphia Public Relations Association, Inc. (PPRA) is the premiere association for public relations professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. Founded in 1945, PPRA is the nation’s oldest and largest independent public relations association. With the beginning of the 2009-2010 programming year, PPRA is the oldest and largest independent PR organization in the country. This year they will kicked off a year-long celebration for this important milestone and, more importantly, the people who have made and continue to make its success possible.

Frank Sinatra Simon PR, Lisa Simon, Simon PR, (Simon Public Relations Group, Inc. (Simon PR) is Philadelphia’s premier boutique public relations agency. Although scheduling conflicts have kept me from coverin Simon PR events, they recently represented a Lincoln Exhibit that was held at the Visitors Center. I did have a chance to Tweet about it for my 1,000 followers @ Ben Armstrong (Peco) and Bill Jones.
Christopher, The Park Hyatt at the Bellevue, Anna Iredale (Has hired me to cover Sporting Club Events, & recently “The Food Court at the Bellevue’s Sandwhich Off) and Anna Ranck
Bonnie Squires, Dan Cirucci, and Danielle Cohn, PCVB is The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCVB) is Philadelphia’s official convention & visitors sales and marketing organization, providing hotel. (I hear that Mayor Nutter is making a big announcement today at 4pm about an upcoming convention in the new section)
The Park Hyatt at the Bellevue’s Molly O’Shea (The Bellevue turns 105 this year and is having lots of fun things to celebrate: click here) (I cover a lot of events at The Park Hyatt) and mother-to-be Carrie Nork Minelli, Cashman & Assocs. Cashman & Associates recently brought me down to Dusk, Atlantic City to cover a few celebrities that were walking their red carpet.
The results were over 20 placements in online blogs and sites including OK Magazine & plus in print in Us Magazine. (Thanks!!) Plus if you do a search on Dusk AC my site comes up fifth on google.
Yvette Nunez, US Census Bureau; Bill Cowen, PPRA President/President of Metrospective Communications; Besides being one of my BFF’s, I am always impressed by the dedication taht Megan Smith, Brownstone PR has towards her clients, and I know everyone in PR is probably just as dedicated, but I get to see it first hand with Megan. Also impressed with her ability to get placements nationally for said clients. She’s very modest, but that’s huge. (check out Megan’s Social Media column in The Examiner) ; Eric Cortes, GPTMC (Follow Eric/GPTMC on twitter: @visitphilly GPTMC tracks hospitality industry trends. We use that info to promote Philadelphia tourism: )
To commemorate our proud history, look toward our promising future, and celebrate what has made PPRA thrive since 1945, longstanding PPRA member (and veteran character actress) Sylvia Kauders introduced our 65th Anniversary video project, which features our membership – young and older, fresh-faced and seasoned – discussing the past, present and future of public relations as it relates to an ever-changing media world, and the many strengths and the integrity brought to the PR industry by the incredible practitioners right here in Philadelphia.

The PPRA’s 65th Anniversary Video

Members of PPRA are dedicated professionals who through various outlets including the media, bring greater understanding to what’s happening in the region. PPRA members inspire excellence amongst themselves and within everyone they encounter through mentoring, networking, as well as actively participating in educational workshops and monthly professional development meetings.Boasting nearly 400 members from all areas of the communications and public relations industry, our members represent a diverse cross section of businesses and non-profit organizations including: arts and culture, film and television, education, government, healthcare, law, sports, science and technology, philanthropy, tourism and hospitality, and many more, as well as members who work with public relations and advertising agencies.

Departing President Yvette Nunez, US Census Bureau, receives a departing gift from newly elected president, Bill Cowen, PPRA President/President of Metrospective Communications
At the event, former VP of Communications Caryn Williams launched the new PPRA Website, which allows members to be more interactive with the organization and fellow members. At event’s end, exiting President Yvette Nunez introduced the 2009-2010 President, Bill Cowen, and the incoming board of directors: President Elect, Beth Archer; VP of External Affairs, Chris Lukach; VP of Programs, Caryn Williams; VP of Membership, Meredith Avakian; VP of Communications, Kera Walter; Secretary, Sylvia Kauders; Treasurer, Ashley Berke; Directors: Jill Flanagan, Carrie Nork Minelli, and Lisette Bralow.
Thanks to this organization for keeping me busy. PhillyChitChat is a Social Diary, a news source, a promotional tool for Philadelphia. 90% of the work represented here is free of charge, the only time there is a charge is if the Client/PR wants to retain the photos I take. I mostly cover charity events, but will consider most any if I find it might be interesting to my readers. There could be a celebrity/Philebrity involved or not, that is not what I base my coverage on. Just whether I think my readers would want to read about it. So send me an email at Buzz@Philly Chit Chat .com (no spaces) Thanks Hughe