A lot of the times I photograph a celebrity in Philadelphia, I can’t post, Tweet or Facebook about them as the photos are distributed to the Philadelphia Media or Nationally to my wire service, and it’s in my contract not to scoop them. So I might see something and can’t tell you sometimes for days or often a week. My shots regularly appear in Michael Klein’s column’s.

Although today I did tweet: iphillychitchat: I failed as Philly’s Paparazzi. Sometimes u just can’t ask I guess? RT @phillyinsider Reese Witherspoon movie drama:

Today, Wednesday is the last day of the “Christmas in July” Promotion by the Salvation Army. Last week Philadelphia Eagle Quintin Mikell rang the bell at 13th & Market to help support the cause. So look around & listen in Center City today for the bells, and give what you can.

Last week the 15th Annual PGLBT Film Fest closed; Now called QFest, but before it did it had a few special guests including Sharon Gless
Who received the Gay Icon Award from former Inquirer write Gail Shuster. (Who has a biting sense of humor that someone, some where in the world would understand)

Also making a rare appearance, Mink Stole. Mink had been in every John Water’s film ever made, and must had some kind of strong stomach.

Neil Patrick Harris. I photographed him so many times that when it came to the wrap party, he wanted to know if that local photographer would be there because he had a problem with that as I had already covered him enough (The best info is overheard info). I mean really NPH you are so B-List except when you’re in Philly, what is your problem? That being said, I think the movie is going to be adorable but you need to check your ego at the door. (I will be writing about the movie shortly, as I had unprecedented access granted to me on one of the nights of filming).

He seemed happy to see me at the Tony Awards
Not so much at the Wrap party.The picture in Inqlings was a nice shot, of course he’s not looking at me. I always enjoy photographing Sharon though.And people who know that they sell a movie, an image, a product and what their responsibilities are to the public. Kate Mulgrew, OMG I was a huge fan of Mrs Columbo. Now that made my night, that is why I went out to cover this event. Problem is I can’t get Kate in People or Us as I may have had a chance with NPH. He did go on a blog, and that’s still good PR for the movie and the City. Mayor Nutter, Kate Mulgrew, Christopher McDonald and director Josh Shelvo of The Best and the Brightest. (I hate writing these things as people may get mad, but…I find it ridiculous when actors have an attitude against photographers, especially one photographer. Doens’t Doogie remember obscurity?)

Paul Rudd on the otherhand, class act. He’s here for the James L Brooks “Untitled movie” currently titled “How do You Know?”
Or the super dooper cool Jack Nicholson:
This hit the news yesterday: A premature birth has held up production on Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson’s new movie. The two stars are currently working on baseball picture How Do You Know but the shoot has been halted after Kathryn Hahn, who plays a pregnant secretary, went into labour during filming on Saturday. The actress, who was not due to give birth until September (09), welcomed baby Mae on Monday (27Jul09). Producers are now reportedly considering hiring another actress to reshoot all of Hahn’s scenes in a bid to keep the movie on schedule, according to (Michael Klein begs to differ with that production has been halted and explains at )
Robin Thicke last week at Dusk. I know I already chatted about it, but did you know he did a special tribute to Michael Jackson. Yes he sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” (That’s not reported anywhere)
Kristin Cavalleri walks through the Caesar Casino in this unpublished photo. As you may know from last nights entry, she and Nick Lachey were both at Dusk nightclub last week as reported by Us Magazine (My pixs too).
Well after about an hour of gambling I did hear that Nick wanted to continue the party w/Kristin and attempted to locate Kristin’s room (He should have asked me). He finally got the information he needed to “hook up” with her as she was travelling under an alias (I’ll never tell what her seasonal name is), but I don’t know if they did for sure as it was about 5:30AM and I would think she’d be in bed for her Noon flight back to LA.
Tonight is the Philadelphia Magazine Best of Party, photos tomorrow. Then in the next few days I will cover both the Neil Patrick Harris/Bonnie Somerville movies, plus the Reese Witherspoon film being shot currently.