Growing up in the Delaware Valley area you couldn’t help but notice the hoopla surrounding the August issue of Philadelphia Magazine which always celebrated the Best of Philly for the year. Then folks like my parents and later on me would go out and see if the places named were truly some of the best. Plus it was always exciting to see if someone, or something that you already knew was the “Best” was going to be in the magazine. Last night the magazine held it’s party to celebrate August’s issue “Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of” issue at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and they got a big turnout of the city’s movers and shakers as well as the folks from the venues of distinction.
Last night also marked an anniversary of sorts for me; it was one year ago that I met these five peopleErin Elmore Chuck Peruto, Steve Thorne & his future wife Sabrina Tamburino.
Last years picture at the Phila Best of 2008 Party. Missing Nina Tinari who is in Harrisburg fighting the good fight, and Carol Tamburino who was in the other room.Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. Such a huge supporter of Philadelphia, and lately of my and my efforts with the NBC10/Fusion Fitness challenge that I have embarked on. Everytime I see her I think she is going to mention something about a Nicholson, Witherspoon, Rudd shot, but all she wants to say is how inspirational I am embarking on the grueling but successful boot camp. Thanks so much. And actually a lot of people throw love my way on the subject, so thanks for that. It’s going to help me continue “The Journey”. Nicole Ross, she’s beautiful and getting married in 4 weeks. Congratulations. Also congratulations to Kate and Cort Egan who’s Egan Day Jewelery store won. Check it out yourself at 260 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102. 2008 Philadelphia Magazine People to Watch PR trail blazer Kelly Boyd. Looking fabulous I might add.
Two stylish people on the scene that I always seek out to photograph. The daring dapper Joey Conicella and Philadelphia Inquirer’s Fashion Writer Elizabeth Wellington. Check out her blog at Mirror Image
Congratulations to “Specialty Store” winners Duross & Langel. 117 S 13th St; James Langel & Steve Duross (I use their lavender shampoo and love it)
We have two gossip giants in this town of ours each bringing to the table various and diverse information to the readers, sure there may be some overlap, but even when that happens each takes on a different angle. Of course I am talking about Michael Klein, INQlings (my photos appear in his column weekly), and Dan Gross . Would love to get a photo of the both of them together someday, but would never pass up a chance to shoot Holly Maher, Dan’s beautiful wife. I’m getting a sense that this is going to be a very purple night.
Erin Elmore interviews the Geator with the Heater, Jerry Blavet. Love his shows, lots of memories for me in Margate. Check out for the interview in a couple days.
Justin Wineburg, and Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates. There’s no doubt about it that Nicole Cashman delivers. Most people know that it was Nicole that saw what I was trying to do here in Philly and she welcomed me with open arms and trusted my vision. I will always be grateful, and well you know this week my photos are in Us Magazine because of a project Nicole brought me on for. Yesterday photos were placed in People online from the same event, and look for them next week in the magazine. The bag is Rafe another client of Nicole’s.
Melissa Laliberte, Melissa is being honored in the “Best of Philly” Beauty & Spa category recognizing her acute savvy for mastering a long-lasting blow out to tame even the most unruly locks, newly engaged and glowing Donna Coghlan(Donna knows everyone and is kind enough to make the introductions), Cindy Volpe, Amanda Hartung, and Andrew Hartung (Bro & Sis), Stephanie Iannotti,
Scott Barnes, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Feastivities Events with CBS3’s weatherman Doug Kammerer . Last night was the first time Doug had been back on the air in three weeks, after his wife Holly gave birth to their new daughter. Doug showed me a few photos and she is just precious. Their son is just loving being an older brother. Join Doug’s facebook page for updates on the weather and hopefully he will post a few pixs of his lovely growing family.
Christin DiCiccio (Christian has recently opened up his own law practice and has snagged the best moniker My Philly Bankruptcy Lawyer , Diane Johnson, Jimmy Contreras of JimmyStyle and Matthew Vlahos, Vlahos Pr. It’s always exciting for a PR agency to have their clients represented in the “Best” issue, and I believe Matt has at least 3 clients, and this is his freshman year. Way to go.
Cait Day and Anthony Checetto, Director of VIP Services at Yakitori Boy It’s a karaoke bar/restaurant; I’ve been to Yakitori Boy twice and have been hankering to get back there again soon. Even if your afraid to sing because you don’t have a good voice, don’t worry there someone else in the room worse than you and they’re not afraid to belt one out. One song and you will be clamoring for that mike again. Plus the food is delicious. It’s a fun place.
Who doesn’t love Hadas Kuznits with motorcycling fan Mike Rosenberg. Hadas asked why I wanted another photo of her this week, I said girl do you think Paris Hilton complains. You are wearing different clothes, and man candy, that’s what it’s all about. Angelina might be in People magazine twice in one issue as long as she’s not wearing the same thing. A long time ago I went to Lindsay Lohan’s last movie premiere. She wore black to the premiere and white to the party. Paps were scrambling to get that 2nd photo. If she showed up in the same outfit, they would have gone home.Jessica Matthews, you know who that is my cousin, with Diane Johnson who’s hair has been sun kissed.
I just love her style – (Plug follow me on Twitter: IPhillyChitChat or Facebook me at Philly ChitChat for upcoming events, Phileb/celebrity sightings of course you may be that person, and other thoughts that pop in my head, pixs to, helpful hints. Like did you know that the City is getting rid of parking meters and putting in handy credit card accepting meters where you purchase time and put the receipt on your dashboard. Muchsimpler not to get a ticket)
Philadelphia magazine provides topical, in-depth reports on crucial and controversial issues confronting the region. Its articles range from law enforcement to fashion, voting trends to travel, transportation to theater. It also includes background on some of the area’s newsmakers. Two of their latest news maker missing were Arthur Kade and Brian Hickey.
Ashley “Smashley” tester finally lets me post a photo of her, the Artist, on PhillyChitChat. We photographers are a critical bunch and love creating art, but do not love being the subject. Builder John Westrum, who’s girlfriend Kristin Foote and I had a crazy dancing time at Dusk a few weeks back, Kim Torbert and birthday girl Hacina Saadi is thanking everyone for the birthday wishes and had the best time in AC.
Molly O’Shea and Meghan McNelis. Yesterday Where Publisher Laura Burkhardt took me to lunch at XIX in the Bellevue at the Park Hyatt. Molly who does marketing for the restaurant, asked the chef to create something healthy that they could put a candle in…
Watermelon with a candle. Loved it. Another little prayer for my sister Judy.Rakia Reynolds, twitter skaibluephilly I am a publicist working on fashion and lifestyle clients. I represent The South Street Headhouse District, The Society Hill Dance Academy, Coyote Crossing Restaurants, and some designers and artists. Oh people can also check me out in Marie Claire magazine this month.
Jim Donovan is an Emmy Award-winning consumer reporter whose honors run the; he lists his role model as CBS 3 Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl
I’m not going to lie one of the best parts of my job is getting to know the news folks in the City. As someone who is fascinated by people, by the news, how the news affects people it’s always interesting to talk to all of them. Both these lovely ladies have done stories on me so I have a special affection towards them, Anne Marie Green and Lesley van Arsdale, with Cesar Aldama Assistant News Director at KYW-TV/CBS 3

Ruth Woods and Mustafa Rashed take in the sights at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. It was a beautiful space to take in too.Trish Cashman (Not related, I asked) and Kate Wilhelm, the Reese Witherspoon lookalike holds a heft job in our City and that is Executive Director at Fairmount Park Conservancy. According to the May 1 issue of the Philadelphia Business Journal, [T]he Fairmount Park Conservancy, a nonprofit that has raised $18 million for the park in eight years, said the plan is to help area thought leaders understand the role the park plays in attracting tourists, recruiting businesses to the area and maintaining residents’ quality of life and health.“We’re hoping to make it better understood what Fairmount Park means to the city. We want to help articulate the case, so we can better understand the opportunities,” said Kate Wilhelm, executive director of the conservancy. Karina Restrepo and Justin Mitchell of Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa BEST OF PHILLY! Winner for 2009 Manicure / Pedicure. 328 S 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 735-7980;
Having met working at a restaurant in Old City, Karina and Justin got together mentally and romantically to fulfill their dreams of owning an organic salon caterring to the hard working people of Philly. I asked them about their wedding plans and how he proposed. Justin did it the old fashion way and asked Karina’s parents for her hand in marriage. One problem, she is from Columbia and they only speak Spanish and he very little. He was able to work with the translation google search engine and create a one page email in their language to her parents. They sent a one line sentence giving their permision, and their joy. The couple plans to have two weddings, one here in the States, and one in her hometown in Columbia for her large extended very happy family. So many dreams coming true for this happy couple.

BEST OF PHILLY! Winner for 2009 – Weatherman ABC6’s Adam Josephs, Niv Singhal, BEST OF PHILLY! Winner for 2009 – Anchorwomen NBC10 Aditi Roy, BFF CBS3’s Lesley Van Arsdale, and proud, proud co-worker Justin Pizzi who couldn’t gush enough about how proud he was of Aditi. He loves her as much as we all do.

I’ve been able to observe over this past year of how close Aditi and Lesley are, especially since they are “competitors” in the same time slot on different channels. It just goes to show that competition is overrated and we’re all just trying to do a good job. Now about me losing in the Best Blogger competion… new category next year, Best Social Diarist, in a category with no other I just can’t lose.
Having just saw Justin, who reports on my NBC10 Fusion Cross Training fitness boot camp, (I do not wear a size 57 pants, I will show you next time I see you. BTW mark my words an Emmy for Justin on this series and Best of Philly 2010 for Fusion Cross Training . It’s the best bootcamp in Philadelphia, I was headed for disaster and it saved my life) there was no way I was gonna have one of these. Later in the evening, Chuck Peruto did talk me down from the ledge of having a brownie in a different room, thanks. I’m enjoying my broccoli & chicken this morning.
Don’t forget your bartenders, servers and coat check folks. Kaitlin Chrobocink and Max MatzaPS if your photo is not here, it will show up on my online photo album Monday where you can purchase it for the price of supporting my fat free vanilla latte habit at Starbucks, unless you gave me a bday present or wished me happy birthday on my FB last week, then you can have it as a thank you from me.