Oh so long ago I alluded to Parking Wars on Chestnut street, Twittered about it. Lots of people wanted to know what I was talking about, but then I decided not to write about it because it might effect some peoples jobs, lives etc. and PhillyChitChat is not about that. But now it’s happened, Union Trust and Morimoto/Jones/Chiefa have joined forces and are using the same Valet Services. The reason this was so important as it was sometimes a hassle and competitive as the valet folks didn’t care which restaurant the driver was going to, they just wanted to park that car, maybe go for that tip. The difference in the price of valets was a $1, so it was very competitive.

The problem was magnified when said guest going to Union Trust had their car parked by the Morimoto valet, then when said guest finished his meal and the waiter offered to call for the valeted car and it was parked by the other guys, let’s just say things got complicated.

No more complication. Both restaurants now live in harmony, and I’m not one to gossip, but I hear they enjoy dining at each others places too.