BRIAN & EMILY were married yesterday, EMILY will be keeping her maiden name, but not for the usual reasons

My friend Phyllis tapped me to shoot her nephew’s rehearsal dinner Saturday night at Margaret Kuo’s Restaurant – Lancaster AveBrian met Emily when one of their friends thought these two should meet because of something significant they had in common (I’ll tell you at the end). Here they are with Aunt Phyllis. Brian is a producer for NFL Films and just won an emmy for a piece that was on HBO.
Dinner was delicious.

The bridal party was gigantic, not wanting to leave anyone out they included almost all of their close friends. 18 people in all.Emily’s sister with the help of their other friends created this amazing quilt filled with photos and lots of memories. Emily and Brian Rosenfeld were married this unforgettable day during that wicked once in a lifetime storm. The bride will be keeping her maiden name as it is the same as her husbands, Rosenfeld. No they are not related.