(As with yesterday, I have two entries. So after you look at these photos go to the Danny Bonaduce entry below this one. Thanks, and thanks for reading I had a record month in July with almost 60,000 readers.)

Last night on my way home from Fusion Cross Training I was walking with Megan & Colleen when I came across Swann Fountain at Sunset. After a few heart palpitations I told the girls they must go on I would be photographing my favorite subject, Swann Fountain for about an hour. It doesn’t matter how many times I photograph this fountain, every time I pass it it looks different to me.
For years I never thought to shoot this vertically, but it works out especially with the full moon in the background.At first it irritated me that these two people were ruining my picture (these next 3 pixs were taken with my camera phone, so sadly they can’t be blown up too much larger) I wish I could replicate this shot, especially with the graininess.
but then this picture emerged and it’s one of my favorites
My 2nd favorite fountain to photograph is the Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, NYC. I have about a 1000 shots of this fountain too, as with the Swann Fountain in every season, in every weather condition.