Don’t Tell Gavin, but to celebrate the end of NBC10/Fusion Cross Training “Be a Ten in Ten Weeks” Mike and I went to Geno’s for a Wiz Wit.
It seemed to be date night at Geno’s (He’s got a nice manicure, er pedicure I mean, but those shoes are beat)Holidate Night. Yes that “reality show”which has been filming at restaurant locations all over the City. It’s based on the movie with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet where they switch locations to meet a man, in their case countries, in the case of the women on “Holidate” bi-coastal cities. Produced by Disney/ABC for SoapNet, Holidate is premiered last week on the cable network.
Holidate is a reality special that takes two women who are looking for love but having no luck with the suitors in their individual cities and transports them into each others lives. The women will temporarily trade homes, spend time in each other’s cities and date the men in each other’s lives. They’ll be able to communicate with each other throughout the journey.A little instruction
and their off
Last month I attended the taping of an episode at Union Trust. Since I was there with Matthew Vlahos, PR for Union Trust, and Jimmy Contreras for my birthday dinner I didn’t take many photos, but I did get to see how the shoot went and got a glimmer at the “dates” and the work that goes into a production such as this. (Thanks to the Pennsylvania film Office for those tax credits, even these productions benefit so they bring biz and dollars to you.)
Update: I’ve just been informed that this is a different girl, she likes cheesesteaks and is into this guy. but a new guy. (and much cuter I must add, personal opinion here that’s why there’s vanilla & chocolate)
Everything seemed normal at Geno’s
and business was brisk without any mention of what they were filming, over and over and over again. At one point I heard her say to him that she loved her sandwich (I guess they weren’t greasy), in which he replied I wish there were more hot peppers, and voila! for the next taping a PA had placed more peppers in his sandwhich.
life went on as usual around them as folks order wiz wits, and wiz wit outs and just wits; From what I overheard they were really into their date. Having just finished a “reality show”, I can say you really do forget the camera, although I tried to measure my words, especially avoiding those curse words when doing pushups. At one point she offers him a bite of her sandwhich (I saw them both eat two during the taping, sounds like a benefit)
As the two walked off in the neon light of the Italian Market I thought to myself they’ve been to Union Trust, to The Waterworks, now to Geno’s how about going to Franklin Square, having a square burger then a little miniture golf. Perhaps a walking tour of the Avenue of the Arts, or the Footsteps of Ben Franklin , any one of our museums, and then there’s my favorite go to the top of City Hall Rm 121, get a timed ticked and check out the view of the City. Check out GPTMC for a list of fun things to do in the City or check out the off the beaten track sites.
Cut, that’s a wrap.
Watch for the ABC/Soap Channel for upcoming episodes, or check them out here: