REESE WITHERSPOON, Jake Gyllenhaal, PAUL RUDD, JACK NICHOLSON, Untitled James L. Brooks Project – Spoilers, oh & Owen Wilson

As the lone Philadelphia Paparazzi (Paparazzo) I really do pride myself on shooting the celebs that pass by our fair town and bringing them to you. It’s always been a joke that Philly doesn’t get real celebrities here, but since I started doing this 2 years ago it does seem like Philly is on their radar (Especially in regards to movies/videos being shot here because of the great work the GPFO & Pa Film Office does with the Tax Credits. This w/e I will be photographing a behind the scenes of a video shoot, again.)

A few weeks back the stars were literally aligned and the Untitled movie directed by James L Brooks about softball, love and three people, starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson & Owen Wilson and rolled into town & set up shot in the building I work in. So every lunch break, and two 10 minute increments, as well as after work I would run outside to see if I could get a shot of something going on in the 4th floor windows.
Sometimes I got lucky, and once I got a shot of a lifetime, thanks Jack. (Tidbits: Jack does not like to pose for people in the ordinary way. In the 5 pictures I saw from 5 different people he was either doing the thumbs up, the joker smile, a two hand wave or smoking a cigar. He’s an easy going guy and spent a lot of time chatting with the security guards manning the set. He likes to talk about sports, specifically his Lakers.)A few of the spoilers are coming up, so if you don’t want to know, tune into tomorrow. In the lobby of my building they installed a “Directory”. On the Monday they did it I really thought it was for the building and ignored it. Then that night I saw them set up for filming. Thankfully when I got in the next day it was still there and got this shot. Some of the names on the directory were “Steven Colbert”, Martin L Luther, the Law Offices of Nixon & Johnson, who seemed to be on 7 of the floors.
The address of the building is 2050 K Street.

I think the reason they picked my building to film a week of scenes taking place in Paul Rudd’s office, I can’t figure out what he does for a living yet, but I think they picked the location as it’s across from Philadelphia City Hall, which is a 2nd French Empire design the same style as the Old Executive Bldg in Washington DC where the movie is SET & filmed for a few months before arriving in Philly. (This is where the Vice President of the US has his office). Thanks again to the Pennsylvania Film Office Tax Credit, we were able to lure this production away from being filmed completely in D.C.This is pretty much the one scene they film from every conceivable angle.

It was of Katherine Hahn punching Paul Rudd in the face.By Thursday Katherine was filming the scene alone. It’s then I noticed her character was pregnant; later I found out that she was also pregnant.

Over and over again throwing the punch and standing from a seated position.

And after a long day she was finished with a big hug to James L Brook of thanks. Most of these photos I took from two blocks away as the production assistants told me I would be in the shots if I photographed any closer. The following weekend she gave birth a month earlier. Officials say that it won’t affect her role as she only had a few more scenes left to do. That evening the production moved to a night scene at 21st & Delancey. It was that evening that Reese Witherspoon finally arrived in town to begin her scenes. She wasn’t at this location.
A week later I caught up with her at Alma de Cuba. Oy I made my presences known, I asked if I could take a picture and it was like that scene in alien with the person pointed out the human as Jake yelled “Photographer” and pointed. I continued to ask for a shot giving them the same offer I gave to Demi Moore, but to no avail. And since then many a twitter or FB friend has tipped me to sightings, but the stars have not aligned for me again. As they were exiting the restaurant I asked for a photo, Reese seemed surprise to see me as she was looking for their car which had disappeared. Jake said to her, “Photographer!!” and yanked her towards him and spun her around. It appears they then left through the back door. One lone photographer and they couldn’t pose for a photo. Granted Jake looked like a shlub in his shorts and baseball cap as he exited the posh Alma de cuba, and Reese had flip flops on, but still. Yo guys I won’t be asking next time. (Now don’t say i don’t respect them, I could shoot them at their house. I’m probably one of the few people who know where they are staying)

Reese & Jake, who I just photographed in NYC this past June, have alluded me here in Philadelphia. As I told Demi last year, sure I can find you with ease in NYC, but you’re here in Philly, and Philadelphian’s want to see u in their home town, so please Reese if you’re reading this I’d really like a photo.

Maybe Reese remembers that it was me who broke the story of her big fight with Ryan @ The Flags of their Father’s premiere after party in NYC. (midway down: ) My blog was featured on MTV “Best Week Ever”, in the NY Post, & Us Magazine. It was the story that got me noticed by my first agency. You know I don’t like to diss people, but this sad event propelled me to where I am today.
That was not the case last Tuesday night. A FB friend texted me that Paul Rudd & Owen Wilson were at Parc eating dinner. I got there, and like so many people the first folks I asked got it all wrong and said that they had left. She even had a blurry photo as she was so excited to see him she gave out a little scream. So i hung out for a bit, and was going to do a bit on that, but a server came out, I asked them and they told me they were still inside. So I waited for 3 hrs. First Owen came out, but he was lightening fast, running to his car and in the same breath saying to Rudd’s driver, we may have had a little too much fun tonight,
Finally Paul emerged. At first he wasn’t looking at the camera, but I said Paul, you and Owen are turning this into the Waverly. He laughed because he knew I was right. The Waverly is the celebrity hangout in NYC. If you want to be photographed by the Paparazzi, that is where you go. Since Owen has been hanging out at Parc for the past week, it’s well on it’s way. A couple nights earlier I received two tips from friends about Owen being at Parc in his slippers. I was with a friend and I didn’t want to leave her so I thought that shot will go unseen, but a pap I N F guerrilla agency who came down from NYC just to shoot the celebs in the movie was here (he was able to get photos of most of the cast because heck he does it for a living and has the time, but I am jealous – LOL). By the time he caught up with Owen, he was departing Franklin Mortgage & Company where he had gone for a drink. (he also stopped by last Friday (7/31/09) G Lounge, but only stayed about 20 mins.) Owen’s also be spotted at Rouge, Parc, and the Four Season’s lounge. I heard he was at Alma de Cuba on Friday, but my research tells me he had already flown the coup to Texas. So even though I get tipped off to things, sometimes the leads are useless. That’s why I’m the only paparazzi in this town, nothings a sure thing, and there’s a whole lotta wasted time. Thank God for my Blackberry and understanding partner Mike, ’cause I am not home much.

People always want to know how I know where they are? I do research on the internet reading message boards & twitter as people with sightings always want to share that with their friends, I get a lot of tips as generous friends/people, and occasionally from businesses as it’s always a plus to have a high profile customer that will be written about, but it’s better to have a picture to get that info national (ie Dusk/Cashman & Assocs. inviting me down a few weeks ago to shoot the red carpet with Kristin Cavalleri/Nick Lachay [those shots appeared in Us Magazine, 2xs and OK Magazine next week. As well as countless blogs).

Last week my friend Dennis Fee, owner of Tavern on Camac, sat in front of Reese & Jake @ the Elton John/Billy Joel concert. Ava (on left) is a spitting image of her mom. He’s friendly with Elton John and has been to his house a few times, including the Tiera & Pearls party. He said that before the show Reese, Jake & family visited with Elton John, as after the show Elton flew immediately to Nice, Italy to begin his Holiday.

Here’s the clan again, this weekend running in the Martha’s Vineyard 5K if you see Reese, Paul or Owen tip me off please @ email: ” Buzz @ Philly Chit “; I’d really appreciate it. Thanks Hughe Looking the staying power of the 1976 Rocky movie. This past weekend people even waited in line for a picture with the statue.