The Phillies come out in force to support the Fourth Annual Jimmy Rollins Celebrity BaseBowl Tournament

Thankfully people tip me off to events because it is almost impossible to for me to get on the Phillie’s media list. If anyone has any connections I really would like to be put on a media list so I can promote the Phillies events with out them slipping by. I enjoy seeing the fans interact with their heroes and visa versa. (Also thanks to the two people who tipped me off yesterday to the two R’s, Renee & Reese. I really appreciate it. HughE)

Yesterday I went to Lucky Strikes, and lucky for me it was across from where I work, to support the Philadelphia Phillies’ 2007 NL MVP and 3-time All-Star shortstop Jimmy Rollins will host the Fourth Annual Jimmy Rollins Celebrity BaseBowl Tournament Rollins and other members of the World Champion Phillies as well as other feature athletes, sports personalities and entertainers will team up with executives and Phillies fans to raise money for the Rollins Family Foundation and The Arthritis Foundation. There was a silent auction where you could purchase trips, dinners and lot of sport memorabilia like this Kobe Bryant signed Lakers jersey
The turn out was overwhelming, especially if you were me and haven’t lost enough weigh on the insert plug here] NBC10 Be a Ten in Ten Weeks – Fusion Cross Training Challenge. Tomorrow is the results show on NBC10 @ 6:45AM, or Thurs 4pm or Sunday @ 11PM. Anyway so it was hard for me to navigate this baby, but awesome for the charity and it’s supporters to have so many guest turn out.
It’s always nice to be recognized by readers, especially these two nice girls Sarah Casey & Kate McAdam of Maven Communications.
Dwight Howard’s size 17 signed sneakers
Mia Tinari & Dave Fisher engaged to be married.
A lot of talent came out to support Jimmy’s foundation, can you name a few
The new Phillie Cliff Lee More auction items. Although I didn’t see Ryan Howard, I did see his shirt.
Jayson Werth who didn’t play but did come as to be the cheering section (He’s got his World Championship ring on)
Before the start of the games there was a nice tribute to Harry Kalas

Surprisingly this Cowboy’s Roy Williams signed helmet didn’t do so wellMitch Williams and his “girl”, Mitch told me. Someone else mentioned that it was his daughter. (Sure at first I thought maybe it was his wife/girlfriend)star
The Championship Trophy arrives. I wonder if this guy realizes that he is holding the dream of a million or so people.
Phillie’s Ball Girls Debbie & Kelli
Mike Jerrick returned to Fox 29, co-anchoring “Good Day Philadelphia” and starting reporting again, on July 27, 2009; Hopefully after his stint in NYC he can bring down a few more A-Listers that he has interviewed over at Fox NYC and his own national morning show. Although then PCC will have to wake up extra early to make it to their stage door. I hear that when Jose Conseco was in town a few weeks back, he brought an entourage of 60 people. Crazy. Last week when Linda Hogan came by it was just her and one handler.
Guest, Jimmy Rollins and board member Nina Tinari, who jetted off to San Francisco right after this event.
The Phillies Phanatic looks like he’s found a few friends.
Maybe one of those friends purchased the mini version signed by Jimmy Rollins.

Not sure who this is. After this event I covered the Taste of Philly, which I will be posting tomorrow. Then I got a tip about Reese Witherspoon eating at Parc and ran over there just to have her put her hand over her face. So irritating. If I got one decent shot of her I wouldn’t bother her for the next couple weeks. ugg
Chase Utley was on to playand if you wanted to you could bid on a Chase Utley signed bat

Sweet Ending. Go Phillies and thanks to all of you who turned out to support:The Jimmy Rollins BaseBowl Event provides an entertaining event to raise funds and awareness for the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation and the Rollins Family Foundation. For more information visit: