Last week PhillyChitChat rolled up to the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City to cover the shooting of a video to be shown on MTV starring rapper Azizz (not spelled Az-Izz or Azz-iz as I misspelled it when he appeared at Octo a month ago) AZIZZ originally hails from Georgetown, Guyana. He came to America at 13 and spent his adolescent years in NJ. He relocated to Philadelphia as an adult, where he currently resides with his wife and 2 young boys, both aspiring artists, which he refers to as “The Levi Boys”.

The Chelsea in Atlantic City is that cool boutique hotel that I wrote about last month with the happening pool during the day, which is equally happening in the evening. Next week I will be doing a write about about my stay at the Chelsea and the kicking party on the 5th floor.

Music has always been prevalent in AZIZZ’s life. His passion for music evolved from being a young DJ to creating beats it’s Hip Hop that resonated with him the most. The lyrical style and delivery of Heavy D, KRS One, LL Cool J among others influenced and inspired him to be the artist he is today. This is evidenced in his first recorded album “Born In Sin and Shaped In Iniquity”. The integrity and versatility of themes showcased on this album range from joy, despair and pain along with political perspectives to provoke independent thinking, much like the revered, Bob Marley.
AZIZZ doesn’t just want to place a smile on ones face after listening to his music, but he hopes to leave a seed of thought in someone’s heart. His family came to America for a better life and that is exactly what he intends to do for his community. His first charter is to run events for local charities like the Center of Autism, along with fostering and developing some of the amazing local talent he has signed to his record label, Green Team Records.

Director Tom Ashley’s (Invincible Pictures a full service film production and distribution Philadelphia Film Market.) vision that day was simple, using a minimal amount of a set-up, focusing on Azizz and the lyrics. I was amazed at the beauty of this scene and the convenience of the mirrored walls which allowed him to not only capture the full bodied women, but their reflections also.

In this shot Rob P, Janna Rachelle, Director Ashley, Aly Green and Azizz
My Call Sheet for the shoot, I only made it to the Chelsea Hotel, plus I abbreviated the schedule.
MUSIC VIDEO BREAKDOWN ARTIST: AZIZZ TRACK: LETS GO LETS GO LENGTH: 3:31:00 CAMERA: 35MM Full Sensor DSLR, Shot a 1080p COLOR PALET: Rich super saturated, summer blockbuster
SCHEDULE: Friday8/14/2009: 12:00 PM Cargo Van Arrives-Pick up Gear. Saturday8/15/2009: 4:00 Am-Crew Call at boat location. Saturday8/15/2009: 1:00 PM-Arrive at Chelsea Location. Saturday8/15/2009: 2:00 PM-Shoot Performance Interiors (Azizz rapping by himself). Saturday8/15/2009: 5:30 PM-Extras Call Time for Interior Controlled Party Shots (Break for Dinner) -need Desean Jackson there as well Saturday8/15/2009: 6:30 PM-Shoot Interior Party Scenes. ((3) Cars Arrive on Location: Lambo, Phantom, Shelby) Saturday8/15/2009: 8:30 PM-Set up for Chelsea Exterior Car Arrival Scene. Saturday8/15/2009: 10:30 PM-Shoot AC Driving Shots. Sunday8/16/2009: 12:30 AM-Wrap Crew, Tom, Azziz, Jared shoot late night Party Scenes Hand Held. Sunday8/16/2009: 2:00 Am- Wrap.Sunday8/16/2009: 1:00 PM-Crew Call at Union Trust.Sunday8/16/2009: 7:00 PM Move to Penthouse-Break for Dinner The pool table sequence is gonna be big. It was really interesting to watch how a video is shot, and yes they do play the music and Azizz sings along. So I got to know his “Let’s Go” song well, and it’s really good. The lyrics are about life and making the right choices. He done Bill Cosby, Russell Simmons and Obama good getting the education message out there.

After a long day of shooting, we moved into a long night of shooting. A friend brought down his Lamborghini and Rolls for the nightime shoot.Then it was into the club for the party scene (Philly model Michelle Greenberg is in the black shorts.)
That’s a wrap about 2AM with Jared Poe (Raven Management, LLC.), Azizz and Rob P; Check out Azizz’ tune on his Myspace Page
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