UPDATE: 12/2010 the latest entry for Top Chef Jennifer All Star Show.

(UPDATE: The Latest Top Chef Jennifer Carroll entry 11/17/09: )

Last Wednesday, I attended the Top Chef Viewing Party at 10 Arts with Jennifer Carroll who is a contestant on the show. The soiree was held at Jen’s restaurant, 10 Arts by Eric Ripert in the Ritz-Carlton on Broad Street, and was co-hosted by Eric himself, as well as GM Michael Walsh and Philadelphia Style Magazine’s John Colabelli.

Party princess Hacina Saadi and Dana Rosen
Newly engaged Charles Pasquale and Donna Coghlan
Ritz-Carlton GM and co-host Michael Walsh, Kathy Walsh and Kayla Walsh
City Rep Melanie Johnson, Tom Muldoon, Pres. of PCVB and Karen A. Lewis Executive Director Avenue of the Arts Karen tells me that in a short time they will be fixing and replacing the planters that were destroyed along Broad Street in the Phillies celebration last year. Maybe they should wait until after baseball season.
Adam Spivak and Karen Sajda
Mary & Rhoda – Lindsay Kravitz and Kaci Mitz
Reuben “Big Rube” Harley gives a new twist to fashion. A viewpoint from a man’s man on how we like to see our ladies look & William Dumbar
Lily Conner, Erin Elmore
Kristine Lynch,Jessica Carroll and Patti Lynch,
Steve Gonzales (Owner of the new pizza/wine bar Zavino’s which I wrote about last Friday and featured a tiny glimpse of the interior), PR giant Peter Breslow and Thrillist Josh Valocchi
OMG I just watched the entire episode of Top Chef right before I wrote this entry. My sweet little Jen OMG has some gonads, is competitive and has made a few boys cry in the kitchen. Jen throws down this season, but is their a showmance in the making? I rarely have time to watch TV, have never seen Top Chef before, but I will be tuning in week after week.
I would like to hire the Chanin’s stylist cause this family can dress. Son David, Mom, daughter Susan with Dad Dr. Scott Chanin
EFFEN Vodka, I just love that name, Laura Cognata, Rachel Day and Lauren Calisti
Renee and Don Freeman of Freeman Interiors Their firm emphasizes Quality and Detail, along with Classic Sophistication, which is exactly what they exude.
Philadelphia Style Publisher John Colabelli and his squeeze Table 31‘s Lauren D’Orsio
“I think the battle of the sexes challenge is absolutely ridiculous,” Jennifer Carroll says in a preview at In fact you need to check out the previews to get a few more behind the scene quips and funnies.
Ritz-Carlton GM Michael Walsh, Chef Jennifer Carroll, Mayor Michael Nutter in the kitchen
Check out another episode of the highly popular series tonight on Bravo TV or stop by 10 Arts in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton hotel to enjoy the festivities every Wednesday night. (But they are open 7 days a week too)