Reid Rosenthal PHILADELPHIA WHERE MAGAZINE COVER PHOTO SHOOT: more behind the scenes photos

I had a few more Reid Rosenthal shots from the photo shoot that took place at the Shops of Liberty in Philadelphia (PR Punchmedia) . Now I am taking advantage of the huge amount of fans that are interested in Reid, and since most of you are women I want you to be aware that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, or the Whispering disease. My sister is in stage 4 and although she regularly went to her OBGYN the symptoms were missed until it was too late. She is currently fighting a very courageous battle and I cherish every second I have with her. Also you can’t rely on the CA125 blood test, her’s still registers negative to the disease. So please, please educate yourself on this disease and visit some of the sites I tagged the photos with including Later this month I will be participating in the Avon-By-The-Sea Ovarian Walk and will post a link to my donors page if you would like to support the cause that way.

Ettore Spa‘s Ettore did Reid’s grooming
Publisher of Where Magazine Laura Burkhardt, with Reid Rosenthal and Reid’s entertainment entertainment Chris Cabott (of the Law Office of Lloyd Z. Remick) who states: just received an advance copy of the cover shoot and fashion editorial that we put together for client Reid Rosenthal of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in “Where Magazine.” It looks great. Special thanks to Where’s publisher Laura Burkhardt and its editor Karen Gross!Photographer Christopher Gabello setting up a shot. Les Schwartzberg of Les Richards men’s shop at the Shops at Liberty Place provided all the clothes for the shoot.
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. This cause is very dear to my heart as my sister is fighting the good fight. Ovarian cancer is overlook and could use your support.
Next week I will replace this photo with one without the Ovarian logo, but since it’s a before I’m supposed to release it so I thought why not support a great cause in case this photo ends up on websites around the world.