A few weeks back a friend tipped me off to a visit to a Philadelphia Starbucks by Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper. I tweeted (iphillychitchat) “Why is Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper in town, sighted at a Walnut Street Starbucks?”

I thought maybe Bradley had come to town to hang out with his pal Paul Rudd as they had performed on Broadway in 2006 in the Julia Roberts play “Let it Rain”, but that wasn’t the case as I later found out.

After Twittering that the new duo was here in town, someone from Us Magazine contacted me wanting details. They asked if I could run down to the Starbucks, poke around and get some deets. I said as soon as the 5 o’clock bell rings.

I got info on what they ordered. She ordered a Latte Light, super dooper hot, he 2 green tea’s, one hot one with ice. They bought a couple bags of nuts, and a cheese tray. I had no idea Starbucks even had cheese trays.
After quizzing the workers I actually found a nice girl in the place who had been there 5 hrs earlier when the smiling couple were there. She pointed out which table they sat at, and told me there was no hand holding. Which I knew wouldn’t be good news for the Us Magazine folks as they really wanted that dirt. There was however a lot of staring into each others eyes, hair twisting, and laughing.
The laughing duo was not bothered by anyone, and was last seen by the Starbucks folks walking out the door that Bradley held open for Renee. The story again was picked up by the nice young lady who also departed at that time. She states that after Bradley opened the door he did one of those slick moves and wrapped his arm around Renee’s waist as they headed towards Independence Mall
and eventually the Liberty Bell. I asked the rangers there for a statement, and although they said they couldn’t deny or confirm the duo were there, I did note a certain nod of the head in the affirmation of a sighting. I reported my findings to Us Magazine,
and it appeared the next week
And a similar story appears in this week’s issue of People Magazine. People Mag did contact me, but since I had sent the story to Us Magazine I couldn’t comment to them, so it was interesting to see it pop up in the “scoop” section, but with no additional info then the Us Mag had provided.
As for me, both Michael Klein and Dan Gross gave me credit for breaking that story, which resulted in additional views on PCC, which is great for all the charities I cover, and well probably a little ego boost because it’s so darn hard to break a story in this town as everyone is Twitter happy, which also makes my job much easier now. (Ironically no one else Twittered this sighting, but you can go to Twitter everyday and know the whereabouts on the trio. Reese went to Milkbar for coffee on Saturday. Paul Rudd invited the guy at Drexel’s local coffee shop to the set for a day last week.)

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as CBS3’s Lesley van Arsdale had wanted to sit down to do update story on the celebs here in Philly; When doing these interviews it’s always interesting as so many subjects are covered, but I was excited that the angle would be about the Pa Film Tax Breaks, which are in jeopardy with the looming budget cut backs. (Videographer Regan)Last week was another crazy example of Hollywood stars in Philly taking advantage of their Starr Discount as I can only imagine because again the trio only hit Starr restaurants. I appreciate all the tips, between the rain and me being beat, I didn’t make it out to photograph any of them. Last Tuesday after I went to the fashion show at Union Trust, I too went to a Starr place for a bite to eat, Butcher & Singer with Matthew Vlahos & Jimmy Style. We all enjoyed the $19 bone in rib steak special – OMG run and get it as it was delicious.

Then I did my restaurant round, passing Alma de Cuba and then on to Parc. As I passed The Curtis Institute I saw Owen’s driver, who was motioning me frantically NOT to shoot Owen Wilson, I surmise. Of course I was going to ignore him, but I ran into a friend who needed an ear to bend. I sat at their table and lo and behold sitting 5 feet away in the window was Owen Wilson and an older lady. (Later Michael Klein id’d her as Owen’s mother.) As I got up to leave I caught Owen’s eye to say, I’m not shooting you tonight, but I hope you remember that next time. OK let’s see if we can avoid him from jumping in a car head first to avoid being photographed.

Later I heard Paul Rudd sat on a bench in Rittenhouse Square.

Thursday night, I mention on Twitter, that it was date night and Reese would be out. Sure enough around 10:30PM people started tipping me off that she was at El Vez. I was already in my PJ’s as I was beat from staying out, from getting up early for my w/o and well I still am gun shy after my run in with Jennifer Aniston last year at El Vez where her bodyguards broke my camera (She’s a biotch, as I have only heard that she signs for fans at premieres). In hindsight I made a mistake and should have headed over there because when I ate dinner there Saturday night I could see it would have been an easy shot from across the street as the street lights are bright enough for a decent outcome.
Some of the people who tipped me off said she was with Paul Rudd, and her mother, Betty. Remember last week Reese ate at Parc with Mom and gave me those terrible shots with her hand in her face. Well I asked my server what Reese had to eat and it was this plate which I ordered Saturday night, the Taco Sampler, fish, chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetarian. It was delicious.

After eating with Reese, Paul stopped by Parc to hang out with Owen. I got those tips too, again didn’t go out. So if I complain I didn’t get photos of these folks, it’s my own fault, I could have. Something odd that I have noticed is Reese & Owen hardly ever eat dinner together. Only the one time

Steve Duross from Duross & Langel sent me this nugget:

we went to el vez 8/20. i had sent some soap to your favorite blond earlier, reese witherspoon.
apparently she was having dinner and she stopped by my table to thank me for the soap.

That blond will be in my neighborhood this week filming. If you want to see a Hollywood film being made stop on by. There will be security, and road barriers, but maybe, just maybe Reese or Owen will stop by and say hello.

Sunday night Paul Rudd was at the Phillie’s game with Jen Utley. As you might recall the Utley’s had dinner with Owen & Paul on 8/20 at Parc. I saw a photo today of Reese and Jake in Venice, Ca, there’s a good chance she won’t be back until Tuesday’s filming. As I understand it tomorrow’s filming is being done in a lab on the U of P campus, maybe Reese isn’t in that scene. (