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Last night the social season seriously kick off in Style as Boyd’s celebrated the launch of their new men’s store and women’s stores on the 2nd and 3rd floor respectively.
The invitation arrived from Cashman & Associates 2 weeks ago, and when you recieve an invitation from Cashman & Assoc, especially an invitation to a Boyd party, someone told me, it’s one of those nights that you must set aside to attend because it’s going to be THE PARTY. And it was!! The invite list was off the hook, seriously was. It was inclusive of every walk of life, magazine publishers, media representatives, business people, connected people, housewives, young and old, other PR and advertising folks, just spectacular.
Our hostess for Boyd’s Nicole Cashman who really looks stunning in this black suit, with the It Girl, Sabrina Tamburino, who becomes Mrs It Girl in a little over a month. So excited Nicole and I will be at Dusk at Caesar’s in Atlantic City this weekend, partying with Nicky Hilton. SO if you are down the shore for what looks like one of the last warm weekends, stop by.
Alycia Thomas and Crystal Mauck made the scene. And the scene was the store, which looked brand spanking new. I’m a sucker for the classic look and I could have taken pixs of people all night long on this grand stair case.
And I almost did, here’s Monique Crawford, who I believed just finished celebrating her month long birthday, with Danielle Krupa. Monique tells me “I’m going to start designing my own line of clothing.” Which I can totally see, she’s got style.
The waitstaff maneuvered through the crowds, passing out an irresistible menu (from the restaurant RAW) including a selection of sushi and other delectables. Jennifer Grabel and Alexandra Calvcovic
Nina Tinari, back on the social scene after spending the entire summer in Harrisburg or on the West Coast where her new job has taken her. Which reminds me tonight at Strongbox is Jared Poe’s going away party as he embarks on a new life to the West Coast. Hopefully sending business back to Philly for me to photograph. It was just two months ago that we were all at the Chelsea/Union Trust filming the video for Azizz (Check it out here ). With Nina is Becca Rendell. Recently her father in law Gov Rendell dropped some serious poundage which hopefully inspires others to do the same thing. Often you can find him over at the Bellevue Sporting Club working his program.
Sam Gross and Stacey Kracher. Also attending and not too far away was Anne Nikolaus. These two girls are practically inseparable, they work together, go to the gym together, socialize nightly, they are definitely defined as BFF’s
Magazine Editor at The Philadelphia Tribune Shonda McClain and Alonzo Kittrels;
Did I mention that Boyds is at 1818 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103-4996 (215) 564-9000
Scott Webster and Jessica Hawkes. Jessica who has been a social photographer for Philadelphia Magazine recently went out on her own. She still submits to PM, but you can hire her too to cover your events & who wouldn’t she’s talented, beautiful and doesn’t need a step ladder. Reach her at Jhawkes (@) Gmail (dot) com
My favs besties NBC10’s Aditi Roy and CBS3’s lovely Lesley van Arsdale. It’s rare to see one without the other, and silly me for allowing the question to go unanswered “Did they coordinate their outfits tonight?”
If Hadas Kuznits had her way we would be in the new ladies shoe department on the third floor, but it was too hard to maneuver thru the bustling crowd so we settled for this shot, which is not too shabby. On the left is Hadas’ main squeeze Mike Rosenberg, Matthew Vlahos, Sarah Cooper Bobersky and JimmyStyle himself Jimmy Contreras. I mentioned earlier this week that Jimmy will be doing fashion spots in October on Fox 29 in the morning. Yesterday Kayce Cashman was on the NBC10 Morning show with fashion tips of her own.
Steve Rockman and Dana Spain who were a hit and run. I recall Dana mentioning to me a few weeks back that her social card was full this evening but wanted to make a stop at Boyd’s to check out the new women’s store. Dana’s birthday is coming up soon, a birthday that she shares with her dad. I wonder what’s on the gift list this year. For those in the know remember that she had to choose between two gifts last year.
Noah Hoffman and Anne Nikolaus

I finally made it up to the new women’s store where I found Samantha Schultz and Jessica Balls, er I mean Jacqueline Stemper checking out the clothes. (I don’t know who Jessica Balls is but the girls say it’s an inside joke which I am willing to take out of the closet). Jacquieline loved what she saw and said she would be back to do her some shopping if she couldn’t buy it tonight.
A partial overview of the women’s floor. The space is enormous, over 10,000 sq feet. The new men’s floor is below on the 2nd floor and I am sure will be very busy on the day the women’s store has their sales
’cause a small section of the women’s store floor is see through to the men’s floor and visa versa/ (now it would have been better for me to go downstairs and shoot up, but when I noticed this aspect it was towards the end of the night. You get the picture right, upskirt voyeur shots to be had here.) Also it’s not recomended to stand here if you suffer from vertigo.
The ladies shoe department finds Chuck Peruto and Regina Mascaro checking out the merchandise. Someone actually said to me last night that they were going to put on a outfit they wore to the Phila Mag party a couple weeks back, and then thought wait PhillyChitChat will be there and want my pix and I will now need to wear another outfit. It’s someone that doesn’t go out a lot, but I always want their pix.
Off the market is Casey Anderson who’s beau just popped the question. They haven’t set a date yet, but their engagement party is Halloween. With them is U of P’s fraternity brother Andrew Rosenthal and his lovely Elise Gilbert. Their first date was at a Cashman event a little over a year ago.
Holly and Doug Kammermer; with Premiere Hospitality Group, Michael Steinberg; Doug says we should be able to get the Ovarian Cancer Walk in before the weather changes. It’s so much fun to know him as I am a crazy weatherhead. I would have become a meteorologist except I’m not so good in math, bummer.
Jin hee Chayapruks and Tracy Seng, Phila Magazine. Next Thursday is going to be another full dance card for me, The Grave Diggers Ball, Philadelphia Magazine’s Let’s Do Cocktails
Philadelphia magazine is putting a new twist on their annual Cocktail Competition. For information and tickets: visit or call 800.595.4TIX
When purchasing tickets online, use discount code ‘FBFRIEND’ to receive $10 off your ticket price!!! PLUS Join Utley All Star Animals and Boyds to Shop for a Great Cause Utley All-Star Animals You have to RSVP to and should know that it is a charity fundraiser for the Utley All-Start Animal Foundation.
Tara Nurin, among other things producer on the new Tigre Hill movie “The Barrel of the Gun” which should be screening by the end of the year. With her is Sgt. Ray Evers, who hadn’t seen Tara since we all met at the wrap party about 18 months ago.
Breaking News: Scott Stein has joined the Peter Breslow Consulting Firm. Scott joins as a publicist, Director of Security, and Chief Wing Man says Peter. They have some big news about a client that should break with in a few weeks. Scott recently departed from operating Peal on the 20th block of Chestnut Street. Says that exciting things are happening with that property but aren’t public yet. So that would mean that Little Pete’s won’t be putting a meditranian restaurant in there like he mentioned to me a few weeks ago if the property became available.
Photographer Christopher Gabello, Gossiper Dan Gross and Publisher of Where Magazine, who had a runaway hit with Reid Rosenthal on the cover this month, Laura Burkhardt.
(I must go to work now, I will complete these captions over lunch as I have much more to say about this fabulous party, with the who’s of Philly.
Part of the crew behind the Donors are Heroes charity event. Donors Are Heroes will present the 8th annual “THE Party” at the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue. The event raises funds for the Gift of Life Donor Program, the region’s organ and tissue transplant network.
Organ Donors Are Heroes, founded in 2001, is a committed group of volunteers supporting the Gift of Life Donor Program and its charitable supporting organization, Transplant Foundation.
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Noel Perate, Design Assistant at Freeman Interiors, Brian Kappra of Evantine Design, Renee and Don Freeman of Freeman Interiors
Follow along as I chronicle how a big charity event comes to be starting with the first meeting of the committee, and ending with the grand charity event sometime in April 2010. I wanna the details of how these events are put on, so I’ll take you along on my journey.
Caryn Williams, who we met at the PPRA event a few months back and Karen Elcock
Aly Green, Stephanie and Stephanie Rybczylk
Mara Webb and Kristen Insalaco. Kristen is busy hammering out the details for the upcoming Philadelphia Fashion Week Oct 8 – 10

Dorothy Draper said, “we can all free ourselves and live our lives fully, zestfully and joyfully!” A visit to Boyd’s will transform you into another world of luxury if you can afford it, but if you can afford it it is worth the price. Boyd’s also celebrated the launching of their Fall issue magazine aptley titled Boyd’s.
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