Scooter or Motorcycle Parking along the 1600 – 1800 block of Chestnut

The signs are up. No longer is Handicapped Parking the last spot or first spot on the block. (Can the sign be anymore confusing, Motorbike parking 3 hrs 10AM- 10PM, but all others 2hrs from 10AM – 4PM, then 3 hrs 4PM til 10PM. Truck Parking 6AM – 10AM, so if your driving your bike to work to save the environment, your just outta luck)
Now it’s the Motorcycle/Scooter parking spot.The spots are for parking your bike perpendicular to the curb. The only wise thing is that City figured out that you have to have a meter for these spots otherwise the paper meter tickets will be removed if placed on the bikes dashboard.
The spots are clearly marked A/B. But there are still major problems with this set up. I really see a lot of bikes knocked over by cars making the turns at the posing corners a few feet away, especially buses or trucks.
The only bright spot is that it’s cheaper to park a motorcycle $.25 a quarter hour.
One meter is for each space.
but you’re still gonna have to deal with these douche bags