Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar Big Debut

Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar (2006 Chestnut St.) Here’s Jolly Weldon at the door of his new piano bar at the edge of Rittenhouse Square, but what I found last night was it was more than just a piano bar, it was a colorful fun atmosphere with a large screen TV, great sound system with contemporary rock, top 40s playing either coming from the piano’s or muzak, spirits were were generous in size and food was delicious.
Take a look inside, very bright and cheery as we look towards the entrance and the large windows that look out onto Chestnut Street. The place seemed a lot larger than when I peered in the window a week earlier.Did I mention the view inside is breathtaking…The girls behind the bar are Laura Handline, Danielle Raco and Devon Taraborrelli
According to City Paper’s Meal Ticket: “Jolly Weldon’s new 125-seat space, the centerpiece of which will be two baby grands that’ll double as battle stations for pianists Anthony “Tony T” DeCarolis and “Wildman Joe” Marchetti (more on concept here). On Friday, the music, which’ll normally run Tuesday to Saturday from 8 p.m. on, will begin early, at 6; Jolly’s first day will also see the unveiling of their happy hour (6-8 p.m.), which’ll feature $3 cocktails, $3 wine/beer and $3 eats (sliders, flatbread pizzas, hummus, guac, etc.).” Loved the crabcake sliders, and flatbread pizza’s. Food from of Smiths restaurant and lounge on 19th Street and B*Smith Gourmet Catering .
A shot of the entire piano room, with large booths and quaint tables along the stage where Anthony “Tony T” DeCarolis and “Wildman Joe” Marchetti will do battle every night…Sing out the Song of the Piano Man” kicked off the night.
Note the light fixtures on the leftwith a closer look you can see that they are 50’s era “microphones” . Very cool, amazing detail. Really jazzes the place up. I think people will appreciate the extent Jolly went to in making his place a fun, eye candy, entertainment spot.Red Tettemer’s Rachel Timmerman and Annie Heckenberger make the red carpet. Annie wanted to take this leopard print rain coat off, but I loved it and she kept it on. Pretty sharp I think.
PhilaCinefest Thom Cardwell, and the newly engaged Mary Patel
Melissa and Nicholas Gabillon. Melissa is the Director of Human Resources at Sofitel – Philadelphia. She swears that neither she or Nicholas have beautiful voices.
Ross Curry with Phillyist’s Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey. She’s is aware that her name is long. If it bothers you, you can call her Jill, like everyone else.
Did I mention there was a “swing seat” when you first walk in the door. Sweetly unique, but somewhat scary after a few Jolly Happy Hour drinks. That’s the photo I want to get. Seriously, what a great idea, who wouldn’t want to sway to some good music.
Food bar in the rear of the place. Check out the light fixtures here. A different design, very classic. Take your drink and sidle up and order your food here, or settle into a booth and a server will take your order.
Chef Brendan Smith and his dad. Chef Smith, formerly of the Kimmel Center and the United Nations, is the chef and owner of b*smiths gourmet catering as well as Smith’s Restaurant Lounge on 19th street in Philadelphia. Mike Toub makes the scene. Mary Patel hanging out. She was a huge fan of the burger sliders and the humus.
Wildman Joe (Joe Marchetti) and Tony T. (Anthony Decarolis) have been dueling since 1990, and are excited to call Jolly’s Dueling Piano their new home. Last night they were burning on the key’s, getting the crowd up, dancing and singing, as well as inviting a few patrons up to the mike’s for their signing debut, pix here: Casey DeBaecke. (all before the Phillies beat the Yankees)
Wildman Joe (Joe Marchetti) and a few patrons sing Happy Birthday to Maryann Shoukri as Michelle Vizzachero looks on. Check out their beauty salon above Jolly’s.

Light fixture alert. Another very stylish light fixture. A really nice detail, classic and perfect. Really sets this place apart from the dark clubs and bars in town where you don’t expect to appreciate these details. I like the warm hues of the room too.Jolly’s is sure to be a great Happy Hour place as their drink prices reflect HAPPY with $3 cocktails, $3 wine/beer and $3 eats (sliders, flatbread pizzas, hummus, guac, etc.). Regular prices range from $2 Soda, Juice to $10 specialty cocktails. Stacey Himes, with Jessica Sharp and Rebecca Devine. Jessica and Rebecca are both with Maven Agency. No matter how much I plied these girls with drinks, I couldn’t get them to slip on what restaurant could have possibly signed on at 10 Rittenhouse.
Movie Makers Tigre Hill (Shame of the City, and the upcoming Barrel of a Gun) and Mary Patel (Electile Dysfunction)
Alexis Sucanic and Jolly’s GM David Everett
Happy Trio: Lorine Rahm, Rich Bendis and Krista Bard
Actress/Singer Deidra Sarego and Carol Qualtiere
A couple of show stoppers Stacey Himes and Tara Theune Davis were the PR/Event Planning on this project. Navigating the highly competitive field of food bloggers, columnist and other media trying to get the “first” details or picture of Jolly’s Dueling Piano. They did an awesome job and it’s always a joy to work with them. (A few of the sites that did outstanding coverage Foozbooz , Michael Klein, and Phoodie )Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar opens Tuesday thur Saturday’s at 5PM, the Dueling Piano shows are Wednesday to Saturday nights @ 8:30PM Before I left I asked GM David Everett how many glasses he thought would be taken a night cause they say
Jolly’s Dueling Piano on them, and having worked in a restaurant or two, and well maybe lifting a a Bubba Gump glass once, I know it happens. Well David tells me the glasses are for sale,
as are the T-Shirts, Tank tops and THONG? I asked if anyone was wearing one so I could get a picture, but no one fessed up!