For nearly 35 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been creating, finding and supporting programs that directly improve the health and well being of nearly 4 million children worldwide every year. Ronald McDonald House Charities is dedicated to improving children’s access to the highest quality health care. For example, the Ronald McDonald House, allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to live at little to no cost. The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile provide high quality medical, dental and health education to those with the greatest barriers to accessible health care.
Last week the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House held it’s patron party at Le Castagne
in preparation for their 35th Birthday Party which will be held next Friday, Nov. 6 at the Please Touch Museum. (Remember to turn your clocks back this weekend.) A Patron Party honors table hosts and major underwriters of the upcoming event. Below is a photo I took appeared in last Sunday’s Inquirer in Michael Klein’s column (where you can find my photos from the last 2 years every Sunday Pg B1) with the MC’s of the Nov 6 shindig, CBS3 anchors Chris May & Susan Barnett, chatting with one of the founders of the Ronald McDonald House, Jim Murray. (TIP: I like the candid shots, if you see me come near to capture one just move a little to the side so I can get the shot that will likely get placed and help promote your event.)

The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald 35th Birthday Honorary Co-chairs Stu & Gini Peltz and Norman & Marian Wolgin, Co-Chairs: Joan Emmi and Judy Boreham
RMDH Board Member DaveNiggeman and Bruce Shelly, Shelly Electric Co., Inc.
RMDH Board Member Sue Wenger and daughter Jamie Wenger; Marketing & Special Events Associate Philadelphia magazine

Anchors Chris May & Susan Barnett. I have to say the chemistry, and honesty of these two make them my favorite anchors these days. I was watching them after the Phillies clinched the title, and they were the only newsies that were able to ad-lib the happenings on the street that night, when the revelers were partying. Phila Ronald McDonald House Volunteer, Jo Montufar, Joan Emmi and PRMH Volunteer Chuck Montufar, PRESIDENT/OWNER. MONTCO METALS. The Montufar’s became involved with the PRMH when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer. They now comfort other parents whose children are suffering and are going through the same treatments their daughter endured.
Dianne Murray, Kelly Hays, Bille Parkes and Jim Murry. Jim Murray is the co-founder of the Ronald McDonald House and a former General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a native of West Philadelphia and is also president of Jim Murray Ltd, a sports promotion and marketing firm. (No doubt Dianne Murray contributed a great deal to the RMDH, especially when raising five children. I say this from experience as I have mentioned w/o my Mike’s help there would be no PhillyChitChat)
Marian Wolgin, Mickey Black, Marlene Weinberg and Salli MickelbergLisa and Tom Mann and Attorney Darwin Beauvais.
Willa Kravitz Director of Development Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, RMDH Board Member Anne Scardino, (Anne’s duaghter Meredith is an Emmy award winning write for one of my favorite shows, Stephen Colbert.) GM Anthony Masapollo, Le Castagne. and Shelly Hoffman CBS3 Public Affairs.
INFO ON THE 35TH BIRTHDAY PARTY OF THE PHILADELPHIA RONALD McDONALD HOUSE ON NOVEMBER 6, 2009, at one of my favorite party spots, The Please Touch Museum, HERE