A gift of love for Sabrina & Steve (& Carol). Thanks for letting me cover your courtship.
Many PhillyChitChat readers already know Sabrina Tamburino is my “It Girl”, but she’s so much more. After meeting her, again, last year at a Philadelphia Style Party last fall we immediately clicked, I love shooting her and she opened up her life to me. She invited me into her life, to cover her, write about her, she introduced me to her friends, she brought me to the parties and to the clubs so I could meet the people who I would go on to photograph too, and now a year since their engagement I am recording record numbers. “Oct 2009 Views 90,915 Unique 79,403 “. (This shot was at a Larry Farnese Party. Lauren, Sabrina, Larry, Jimmy Maransky, Nadia Wright Maransky 2007) (Wedding Rehearsal pixs entry before this one)For months we’ve followed Steve & Sabrina. (2008)When they first got engaged I connected them with Michael Klein and there was a nice picture and mention in his column. We covered her engagement party, we were there for her BDay Party, and at the AP of the party Jamie Foxx was there. Got that photo national. Wedding Shower fun day at Liberty Two 57th Floor, watched her as her Bridesmaids saw their Nicole Miller dresses for the first time, then the two Day Bacherlorette party at the Chelsea & Dusk. And finally the anniversary of our year meeting, we celebrate the Philadelphia Social Wedding Event of year, and I’m there with a great big smile and a couple of tissues. (Not only does Kerbeck rent Rolls-Royce’s, but he drove the car too.)
Bridesmaids Steve’s Daughter Julie Thorne, Karen Ini, Tara, and Trisha Leigh Fisher
Mother Daughter, Sabrina Tamburino and Carol Tamburino. Recently I was interviewed on KYW news about my blog. Hadas Kuznit’s rightfully stated Sabrina is your Paris Hilton, her mom is in construction, like the Hilton’s are into hotels. I agree but said Sabrina doesn’t have a sex tape, which Sabrina later verified.
I got a little teary at this point. I love Carol too. In the same interview I said she’s my Auntie Mame. Although she’ll tell you I’m not always as agreeable as she likes. Otherwise I would be on a macrobiotic diet as well as other things…
Carol’s dress is made up of three dresses. She had them taken apart and made into one dress.Love this shot. A alice of Philly: Meryl Levitz Exec Director of GPTMC, Erin Elmore, Lindsay Kravitz, Gov Rendell & Judge Midge Rendell, Justin Wineburgh, Diane Johnson and Christian Dicicco.A few tears as the Carol gives her daughters hand over to Steve Thorne
Did I mention this wedding was covered by every medium but Television. There was 3 photographers from MK Photographer (who did an awesome job, with their very stealth ways. It’s often best to defer to the pro’s as they need to get those perfect shots., but I still saw some good photos already on Facebook. Sometimes people try and hire me for weddings, but I tell them get a professional, it’s an important day.) Carol hired a personal photographer to get those intimate shots of family on her whim, Patrick is like family and he listens well – LOL (inside joke w/Carol). There were also at least two videographers. This wedding is well documented.
First reading by Aunt Connie Stevens, “Like The Sun Rising in the Lord’s Heavens the beauty of a Virtuos Wife is The Radiance of Her Name.” Carol and Connie met when Carol worked at Palumbo’s and Connie was booked to sing there, back in the well girls never reveal that but it was in the heyday. Sabrina grew up with Connie’s daughter’s Joely and Tricia and both were in her wedding.
This is one of my fav photos with Steve straightening Sabs dress, knowing how important it is to lay right for the photos.Ann Catania and her team from Ten Pennies created a fairytale wedding for Sabrina & Steve, from the flowers, to the feathers to the jewels; Ann was able to capture everything that Sabrina ever imagine and so much more she told me. The guests were completely blown away having never seen such a sight as beautiful, bountiful as this. Makes me want to go to church all week just to enjoy the sight and smell.
I hear that Father Thomas Rossi had to remind Steve that he could kiss his bride. Steve made up for his tardiness and planted a long one on his bride. We did it, now when do we leave for the honeymoon to Bora, Bora & Fiji?
Then it was on to Swann Fountain for photos. It was at this point I ran to the Four Seasons to photograph the Yankee’s leave for the stadium.
Then around 5PM I ended up at Carol’s suit for noshing and a few behind the scenes photos. Here’s Steve with his pride and joy daughter, Julie Thorne.
Carol’s hairdresser Charles from 191 Presidential, touches her up. Carol is wearing her beautiful diamond earrings and necklace that were gifts from Steve and Sabrina.
I caught the bride relaxing, yes this is relaxing as you can’t lay down in your wedding dress until the night is over.
Cocktail Party

Instead of using place cards for your seat, their were note tags attached to Masquerade Masks for you to wear for this Halloween Wedding.
Christian DiCicco and Diane Johnson
Donna Massanova, Sharon Coia and Marie Zeigenfuse the closest of friends thru thick and thin. So lucky to get a bite of Sharon’s chocolate cookies in the suite upstairs.
Alex Chiaro, Consulente esterno On. and his lovely wife who’s name is on a note pad in my car.
Bridesmaid Carmelina Berardi. So adorable.
Connie Stevens and her granddaughters Skylar (back), Olivia (on lap) and True (on right)

Nadia & Lauren. Patrick on the steps to the left and Carol.
Bob & Marie Zeigenfuse At the engagement party, these two cut a pretty mean rug.
Joely Fisher and kids Skylar, Olivia and TrueSen. Larry Farnese, Kelly Boyd and Carolyn ZiniJames Kazanjian and Lisa Gaudio.
My No 1 fan and so glad I got to know her, she’s got my back. Zarina Kozek and Michael Bucci

Just call me Sylvia and daughter Nicole CashmanMatt & Julie Thorne
Nina Tinari and atuhor Jeff Guaracino, director of regional communications GPTMC
Eric Robbins, Tempa Berish, Steve Olitsky and Tamar Olitsky. Steve and Tamar are very involved with the Franklin Pain Skate Park Fund ( which is a 501c non-profit raising money to build a designated skateboard park near the Art Musuem. Offering programs to keep the kids interested, off of the streets and safe. They are currently about $900,000.00 short of a $5,000,000.00 goal. Most of the money for the park to date has come from government funding. A feat in itself in these lean economic times.
guests, Tal and Jill Jacobsen, Sabrina Strickland, guest, Erin Elmore
guests (would love their names please), Michael Smith and Nefertiti Jasquez
guests, the other Mrs. Thorne, Carol, Connie Stevens, Joely Fisher, and finally excited to meet Carol’s handsome boyfriend.
The original Mr. and Mrs. Thorne
The New Mr. and Mrs. Thorne
The room was spectacular. This wedding was lovely, and dancing commenced even before the Bride & Groom had their first dance, so you know it was a party.

Ann Catania, in the light dress, parties among her beautiful room. The other blond is Renee Taylor, who is celebrating her 76th birthday this year. In the 90’s she played Fran Drescher’s mom in The Nanny.
Lets Do it (x3)
And live it up
I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night (x2)
Tonight’s the night
Let’s live it up
I got my money
Lets spend it up

Michael and Louise Esposito the twenty five year + owners of Chef Vola in Atlantic City. So popular you have to have the secret number to get a table. So nice they gave it to me. I read the food is terrific.
Vince and Janet Papale looking very dapper.
Natasha Potievski, Emma Potievski Sherby, and mom. The younger mother/daughter team have a salon on the 17oo Street of Sansom. Some call Emma the Russian Queen of the Brazilian wax.
I think you will agree that Ten Pennies did an amazing job. So beautiful.
If I could
I’d protect you from the sadness in your eyes
Give you courage in a world of compromise
Yes, I would

If I could
I would teach you all the things I’ve never learned
And I’d help you cross the bridges that I’ve burned
Yes, I would

If I could
I would try to shield your innocence from time
But the part of life I gave you isn’t mine
I’ll watch you grow, so I can let you go
If I could
I would help you make it through the hungry years
But I know that I can never cry your tears, babe
But I would if I could

Congratulations Sabrina & Steve
I had to leave to shoot a wonderful engagement party between two nice guys Jason & Casey. Then Mike and I went to our 12th Henri David Ball, it’s our tradition. Those photos will be up Tomorrow.

Thanks to Morgan Obidowski for the following two shot Mike Sheridan, Morgan Obidowski & Jim Werner.
Hot legs.

UPDATE: I added a few pixs on Tuesday, changed & added a few names, & info cause when I finished it in the wee of Monday morning, I just wanted to get it up in time for Sabrina to see it before she left on her honeymoon.
ALSO: There was a mention in Michael Klein’s column today, and a fav pix that I took