(To see the Thorne/Tamburino Photos Mentioned in The Inquirer Scroll Down to Monday’s Entry)

Henri David greets people to his 100th Ball. The ball was nicely attended, not the crush I was expecting which was great considering I had covered the Tamburino/Thorne wedding during the day. See Monday’s entry, a record 7000 hits visited PCC on Monday.
There were still some outrageous costumes like these two acting out a make-out session in the back sit of a 57 Chevy
I think these two just pulled something out of their fetish closet
Couples are always dressing alike, although these two are just friends. One of them has a wife and kids. The guy on the left, David Persica, world famous tap dancer residing here in Philadelphia. He has a show at the Painted Bride on 11/21
Don & Renee Freeman with friends from I think Oregon.
Gov Rendell and the Wizard of OZ crew. Earlier in the day we saw Ed at Sabrina & Steve’s wedding.
Now this is frightening
Celeb judge of the night, Mike Strug & wife. Hey Mike where’s your costume?

Tom & Carrie. Tom is with Invincible Pictures you’ll recall he was the director in the rapper Azizz video “Let’s Go, Let’s Go.” Stay tuned, he has some big things coming up in the future.
Henri’s beau is 2nd from left and he gets into the spirit just as much
the dancing boys spread cheer thru the crowd
My long time friend Eric Laumer and his long ago roommate Will, and their friend. Nice costumes.
Impressive Centaurus and bee
Divine and she looks like a Million Bucks
Amazing, how did this guy carry his urinal around

Hot Mess!!Lucy & friend
The two Tim’s made it out. Looking good. Thank god Tim 1 retired that Zero costume.
Of course I was a paparazzi again this year so do I have room to talk? Mike’s an Unidentifying Frying ObjectI Love Lucy with Tim2
Racer Rich and Susan Helfrich looking very hot. Rich’s new film company is really thriving. Amazing how many people I know in the film business.
The big winner for most scary
For Best Celeb look a like
There were too many Swine Flu’s despite Mike not finding any pig’s noses. I didn’t see any Jon & Kate’s Thank God. Check out the slide show for a few others. Tomorrow I will return to the social coverage as you know moi is of course a week behind now. Go Phillies!!