Jason and Casey’s Engagement Party at Parc

Love can not be legislated thankfully. The other night, after leaving Sabrina & Steve’s wedding, I stopped by the happy celebration of Jason and Casey’s Engagement Party at Parc Condos on Rittenhouse Square.
Jason and Casey have been together about a year and there are no obstacles in their love and commitment to each other that they can’t overcome. It’s really refreshing, because when I came out, way back when, the idea of gay marriage was not on the table as we were still trying to erase the pre-1980’s laws that put us in the category of mental illness. Now that’s crazy!!

Fast forward to 2009 and a roomful of friends mostly straight that are standing shoulder to shoulder supporting these two in their lives. It’s a beautiful thing.

Two of their biggest supporters have to be BFF’s Andrew Rosenthal and Elise Gilbert. Friends with Casey from U of Penn, the couple often double date. In fact this party was hosted by Andrew, Elise
and another huge supporter and BFF is Matt. Ladies Matt is single and he prepared the entire menu. Matt has worked for a local production company, and just finished producing a show called “Married in Manhattan.” If you’re not quick enough, I’m gonna fix him up with cousin Jess. Andrew J. Rosenthal is a founder of, a set of tools for measuring and increasing one’s happiness, backed by the science of positive psychology. He works with leading researchers to “go beyond the books” and develop online exercises for (They’re all entirely too smart for my brain to handle.) Both are on the Penn Alumni Board and I’d like to say that is how I met them, but it’s not.
Jason and I Casey met through a mutual friend Sharon Gerber from Penn who now goes to Temple Med School with Jason. They went to Mercato on their first date and it was love at first bite. Jason is an accomplished ski racer and Casey’s from a world class ski resort so that was one of the first signs that we were meant to be together. Two friends enjoying themselves at the festivities.
Like two lesbians getting a cat and moving in together after the first date, sure enough Casey was moving his stuff over bit by bit until after a few weeks I was all moved in. We even rescued a cat at Outfest’s PSPCA animal truck after Jason finished volunteering at the Mazoni center last October!

Being it was Halloween Maria Papadakis and Jaclyn O’Connor dressed the part. Ironically Maria’s mom was over at the Tamburino/Thorne reception, but I don’t believe I caught her on my camera.
Rocking the faux hawk Dan Doyon and Lauren Cantell
Jonathan Dunn and Sandra Krithamer
Michael “can you read my handwriting” “probably not” Durkeihemier and Paula Aranda. Graduating students at U of Penn 2010
Kwin Haddix, Whitney Cox, Rino Edi, Yash Joshi and Whitney Alexander
Sandra Krauthamer and Suzi Stein practice their stance. What do you think of the elbow on the hip move?
Matt was able to secure this delicious, 3 story cake for us all to enjoy. (Girls he cooks, not this cake though!!)
The first night we were in Miami we went for a 2am swim in the eighty degree water (I guess they didn’t see Jaws.) Jason got down on one knee in the waves, and then I did too because I wanted to be the first to ask (hmm this could be a problem in the future when they both want to get the front seat.) But he made me stand up and asked me to be his husband as he put a plastic wine wrapper on my finger. We are especially thankful to Matt Carter, who in his limited spare time as a TV producer, managed to cook a gigantic delectable Mediterranean feast where even the mayonnaise used as an ingredient was made from scratch (see girls I told you) and Andrew Rosenthal, who, in his limited time as an executive VP for the startup, president of the board of the Penn Alumni club, a board member of countless other philly institutions such as Project HOME, Young Friends of the Mural Arts Foundation, Young Friends of the Philadelphia Art Museum etc, was able to coordinate all logistics and organize the event . (People say I lead an exhaustive schedule; and Andrew manage to get World Series tickets to 3 of the games on a whim, now that is smart.)
Sometime soon a new generation will take over, and states like Maine won’t be outlawing gay marraige like they did yesterday.