Food Network star Guy Fieri Comes to Philadelphia Tonight

Food Network star Guy Fieri believes in the power of food according to the Connecticut Post Last night Fieri opened his two-hour “food-a-palooza” (Fieri’s word) in Connecticut last night. The dynamic culinary personality takes the stage to present interactive cooking segments, demos and behind-the-scenes stories from his life on the road. He doesn’t just believe food is meant to nourish our bodies and give us energy. No, anyone who’s familiar with the platinum-haired, hyper-kinetic star of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and other shows knows he believes that if you aren’t sucking down your weight in cheeseburgers, barbecue and other high-cal delicacies, you aren’t really living. Perhaps he has a point. After all, as he pointed out during a recent phone interview, so many important occasions in our lives are tied to food.
In Philly the show will open with a performance by Australian bartender Hayden “Woody” Wood and an appearance from local Cheese steak guru Tony Luke, Jr, who you need to catch in his debut movie “The Nail” out on video now. Tony Luke Jr and Guy Fieri will serving up a few cheesesteaks while the Philly Cheese Steak song is playing in the background:

This event was a “Press Junket” held at the Kimmel Center a few weeks back. That’s when the “celeb” comes to town to promote an upcoming event, which is TONIGHT at The Merriam. Tickets are still Available. Also Fieri is on the cover of this months Where Magazine (check back later this week for my behind the scenes coverage of Kevin Bacon on the cover of Where Magazine), so the publisher Laura Burkhardt brought a blow up of the cover and had him sign it, as well as a few magazine covers which will be donated to various charities for silent auctions. (Thanks to Laura for bringing me along thinking it would be something fun to cover, it was)

Fieri told us that he has a six-foot-tall blender that will crank out 25 gallons of margaritas, I’m sure that will be a crowd favorite.

Where Magazine Publisher Laura Burkhardt, Chef Guy Fieri and Where Magazine Editor Karen Gross This shot appeared in Michael Klein’s column last week. I knew immediately that is was the kind of shot he would like. Laura asked Guy if he liked scrapple. Guy said yes, but only scrapple that’s made of pigs butt, cause then at least he knows where the meat came from.
I drove by this morning and Guy’s tour bus is outside the theater.
From Guy’s Website
Guy’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Philadelphia locations)
Silk City Diner
435 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Dining Car & Market
8826 Frankford Ave.
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