What a site when I went out yesterday afternoon. The cars directly in front of my building were buried.
but the folks were in front of a clearing were lucky as the wind kept all the snow off
I thought this would make a good Christmas Card as I brought the hat out to top it off, but the next day it was sunny and that picture came out better
One of my favorite shots. I love the solidarity.
The Art Museum Steps at about 4PM Saturday YIPEEEEEE
Snow boarder with antlers on. Just so much fun.
Thank You, Fairmount Park workers who cleaned off the steps for the sledders to climb w/o slipping. I called my friend Mark Focht, director of Fairmount Park to thank him personally.
In the evening I had a few parties to attend. I didn’t want to disappoint. First up, the Mark Segal Party. Foreshadowing: The Ben Franklin Parkway’s lights were out.
The clothespin. I love how he has a Santa hat on.
Old City
No parking near Mark Segal’s house. Guess I will save that scented candle for his next party. (The pictures are yellow because of the street lights and I forgot to change the setting. So it is still closer to what it really would look like if you were out)
Walnut Street at 6th
Pick up you Varga Bar Girl Calendars for $15. Shot by Christopher Gabello Studios.
Then we were going to the Twins House Anne & Stacey
Window shopping on Pine Street (Thanks to Mike for indulging me and driving me around. I egged him on since he’s always bragging, to me, that our crossover SUV can handle snowstorms and ice)
Drunk Santa People. i forgot it was the Running of the Santa’s 2009 today. Bummer, can’t wait to see those pixs.
South Street. No line at Jim’s Steaks on this Saturday night, cause it’s closed.
10th Street Pour House (This is one of my fav pixs)
City Hall, again parking, cold, manic excitement over the pictures of City Hall.
18th & Walnut; then to Marty’s but seriously what was going to change.
This guy was jumping rope near Rittenhouse Square at about 11:00PM Bummer no parking for Marty’s party. Guess he’ll have to come to my house to drink that bottle of wine I got him. at the other end of the park these folks were building a family of snowman. they were very serious about their work, bringing along tools and accessories.
I always admire others who shoot the park and come out with awesome shots. I like mine now too. (here I remembered to change the white balance setting)
Fairmount. This is probably what a lot of the Philadelphia neighborhoods looked like. but thankfully you didn’t have to go far for a drink or bite to eat as the corner bars seemed to keep regular hours

Sunday about 2PM. The East Terrace of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Great beginers hill for the kids, and young adults snowboarded. and people using cardboard boxes that are shaped like bottles
I love this new edition to Fairmount Park, and it makes a great picture.
Boathouse Row & The Water Works
Snow doesn’t stop this jogger
If you look closely you can see a few cross country skiers
Not too many people sledding in the front of the museum. I wonder why?

Nice. I see a Christmas card next year.
After watching my video, check out the one that is next. It’s much cooler with some crazy antics.