After returning from a whirlwind trip to Paris, Nicole Cashman’s friends wasted no time in welcoming her back helping her celebrate her birthday with “The Cashman Bar Crawl” Friday night. Nina Tinari, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Santa, Nicole Cashman and Lauren D’Orisio
Starting off at The Public House were friends Tracy Seng, and Nicole’s friends from high school
Christa Guidi and all the Cashman Girls were out celebrating, but I was running late.
Lauren D’Orisio , Shang Skipper, Nina Tinari and Erin Elmore (double shot of Erin today, who I had just had lunch with earlier in the day)
Nicole Cashman surrounded by her college friends. I really did a diservice to Nicole by not getting a fashion shot as she was looking smokin’ in her mini shiney skirt.

Then it was off to Drinker’s Pub. My first time there, so much fun I can’t share the pixs with you. Later the crew went to D’Angelo’s to dance, and I begged off. Heard it was great. Happy Birthday Nicole, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year