EAGLES’ DESEAN JACKSON Hosts His ESPN Radio Show from the aLoft Hotel and SALUTES COACHES to Benefit PAL

Eagles DeSean Jackson began his a radio show on Monday nights back in September from the aLoft Philadelphia Airport Hotel on 950ESPN.
The one-hour show (7 to 8 p.m.), with Harry Mayes and Brian Seltzer, airs every other week during the NFL season from the w xyz Bar in front of a live audience. This week DeSean hook up to promote the Police Athletic League and all the good that they do.

It was a night that belonged to coaches or at least the ones that braved the cold and 19 inches of snow on the ground.
Not only did was Jackson supposed to host his one-hour ESPN radio show in front of a live audience and, as always, pepper his commentary with his favorite game stories, but invited coaches and their guests will have the chance to make a difference in the lives of children by donating $10 admission fee to a worthy cause. PAL offers a large variety of sports, education, and recreational programs to all of Philadelphia’s youngsters completely free of charge.
The radio show was quite entertaining, and afterwards I expected Desean to hang out for a bit, chat with the fans, pose for pixs and do a signing. I mean the radio show plays every other week and is free, so I imagine the $10 was to get a little face time with one of their favorite players.
No Progess – Gift (I wonder if he read’s his hand. Sometimes I think he forgets it’s a gift.)
Back in College DeSean Jackson bares a tattoo that says “My Kingdom Rules,” stressing that he is the ruler of his kingdom and his destiny.
Hmm No Struggle, what does that mean? Why not a butterfly or LOVE?
And it wasn’t like it was packed, because frankly the roads weren’t perfect in the neighborhoods and it probably kept a lot of people away I suspect.
When the radio show was over, Desean took a few questions, then seemed reluctant to sign for fans. I know he’s young, as someone said defending him, but he often acts like he is so put off by having to show up at these events, it’s really disappointing to me as someone who’s a fan of seeing fan’s happy when they meet their sports hero’s. His young fans don’t know the difference, they take what he has to offer, and that’s not much.
DeSean’s mom greets the crowd, “All the babies get autographs first” which is sweet, but the event was in honor of Pop-Warner Football coaches. The items were then given to mom who passed them onto the massive bodyguard took the items to get signed. There wasn’t much interaction between the fan and Desean and I was sad to see that since sometimes this will be the only time fans get to see their football hero, who was a complete jerk.

Eric Shipon, PAL Board Member, Nina Timani, DeSean Jackson, Ruben David,PAL Board Member and Sgt. Michael Faust. I know they were excited beyond belief with this shot, just imagine how excited one of the 20 fans would have been. (8:12PM) I told PAL I would send them the picture so they can put it in their newsletter and get a little mileage out of it, so that’s something. (Postscript: I had mentioned that Desean needed a publicist, someone sent me the name of his agent. An agent is different, he brokers deals, a publicist gets Desean’s name out there off the field, then sees to it that he garners good vibes from the fans. There’s no doubt he’s a great player, it’s his personality that needs polishing. I remember last year shooting him at his welcome to philly party and he refused to take off his sunglasses, indoors. Maybe in a few years he will come back to Philly like Iverson and appreciate the fans here that root for him.)
Desean Jackson, is no Jimmy Rollin’s who I photographed earlier in the day and signed for kids and parents alike at a press conference of 300 invited guests.