Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation Annual Luncheon “Enchanted Holidays” 12/5/09

Linda Creed (legal name: Linda Creed Epstein Foundation) was founded in 1987 by friends and family of Linda Creed Epstein, a Philadelphia songwriter who died at the age of 37 after waging a 10-year battle with breast cancer. Lyricist Linda Creed teamed with composer/producer Thom Bell to author a series of hits forever linked to the lush and seductive Philly soul sound of the early 1970’s.Born in Philadelphia in 1949, Creed was raised in the city’s Mt. Airy section; her career was launched in 1971 when the great Dusty Springfield recorded her song ‘Free Girl.’
Every year on or near Linda Creed’s birthday, the organization that bears her name holds their “Enchanted Holiday’s” Luncheon. This year the event was held on 12/5/09, at the Crystal Tea Room, which as you know was 2 days after my sister passed away from Ovarian Cancer. I could have easily taken a pass on this event, but I fell compelled to spread the work on this wonderful organization that keeps the money local here in the Delaware Valley to help women, maybe your neighbors, navigate the system of getting proper care and mammograms, as well as services that are provided for low income women in their time of need when suffering from Breast Cancer.

The Linda Creed Board, Committee and Founders including Mary Olssen, Patty Friel, Gerald Olsen, Isabel Momer, Maryanne Cascicato, and Kathy Latinee
The students from Villanova donated a 2500 dollars. Dr. Gerald Olson, Stephanie Gill, Shannon Murphy, Melissa Grenier, Donna M. Duncan, Executive Director of Linda Creed, Nina Lynn, Mary Anna McCab, Kate Kelley, Margaret Mooney, Joanna Dinardi, Kelly Dolan and Victoria Lobusco.
2009 Gene Kaplan Volunteer of the Year Award: Donna M. Duncan, Executive Director; Shirlee Kaplan, Presenter of the award, Mirian Tisdale, honoree, and Kathy Lentini, President of Linda Creed.
2009 Angel Award: Donna M. Duncan, Executive Director; Rosemarie Rahill of Aria Health System, honoree and Kathy Lentini, President of Linda Creed.
2009 Elaine M. Ominsky, PhD Humanitarian Award: Donna M. Duncan, Executive Director; Lois A. Anderson MSW, honoree; and Kathy Lentini, President of Linda Creed.
Selling the tickets that would go in the bags for the auction are L-R Julia Borie, Jean Goldstein, Debbie Borie and Veronica.
2009 Spirit of Hope Award: Renee E. McNear, honoree and family including Tamanen Williams, and Jenga Williams. Thanks to these ladies for having a prayer circle with me right there in the middle of the room, as I saw the spirit in her and just needed a hug and prayer.
Thanks to Lisa Gaudio for her generous donation of two Jersey Boys Tickets, plus this nice gift bag to go along with it. I believe it went for nearly $800 as their was a serious bidding war going on for it. (I believe these were her private tickets and she only gets them once a year, so thank you so very much for this.)
Also thanks to a few others who heard my plea for donations, Union Trust Steakhouse, The Public House, Albert Lee of the Philadelphia Visitor Center, Laura Burkhardt, Where Magazine and Chima. Did I miss anyone, did I thank Kimberley Boutique for the generous donation to the Lisa Reed Beef & Beer Cancer Benefit held the week before. Thank you all so much.
Nell Manning, Katie Jones and Elizabeth Poland enjoy the afternoon.

Gizella & Patricia Bedics
Jacqueline Link, Angie Gilbert and Celeste Collins
Mer Groch and Thea Goebel
Kristen and Kate Pelman
Carol Frieder and Cathy Straus
Master of Ceremonies Michael Tozzi of adjusts Shirlee Kaplan’s mike as she does a few introductions to start the afternoon.
Among this crowd of beautiful women you will find Founder of the Linda Creed Foundation Lisa Brownstein, with hat and our friend Bonnie Young.
Committe Chair Patty Friel, her daughter and granddaughter Izzie, join in on the fun of the Macy’s Fashion Show part of the luncheon.
Karen E Wheeler, Deloreis Roberts, Dolores Garret, Naja Foushee, Elsa Legesse, Sallie Harris and Veronica Suber enjoy the festivities again this year.
This one table had about 5 lucky raffle ticket winners.

And one of the biggest hits of her songwriting career, written for a documentary about Mohammad Ali, and later recorded by Whitney Houston: