Reading Terminal Market Party 2011

Congratulations to Paul Steinke, Executive Director of the Reading Terminal Market, for being nominated to the Center City Proprietors Association as Treasurer (As well as Kristie Bergey
The KB Experience, elected to the CCPA Board).

That being said WOW the things Paul Steinke and his staff have done to make the Reading Terminal as beautiful and appealing to all as it was yesterday when I visited. (There was a linguist convention in town and the place was mobbed)
Several years ago, I used to work in the Aramark Building. Everyday I either went to the RTM, or at least took a shortcut through it. Back then in the early ‘oo’s it was a dump, disorganized, dirty and creatures stirring about.
Then we moved our offices several blocks away and my visits became more infrequent. But with my visit yesterday I can see changes were a happening, their was a vision no doubt, and it’s been executed. Now the market is very appealing, it’s always been an attraction, but these days I imagine when Philadelphian’s answer the question “Where’s a good place to go to lunch”, they don’t roll their eyes when a tourist says what’s that farmer’s market like? The designs of the shops are much more interesting and clean looking than ever before. There are more farmers market, the design is similar to an old fashion country fair market. The only thing missing is live pigs, there is the brass pig in the center of the food court, where the money donated in the piggy bank goes to Philabundence I recall.
This past year there have been several interesting events occuring at the market. My friend Laura Burkhardt participated as a judge in the Scrapple Festival (BTW I Love Scrapple.) In November there was a Festival of Forgotten Foods – Re-discover forgotten regional favorites, the ad said, such as Pepper Hash, Snapper Soup, Copes Dried Corn, Fried Catfish & Waffles, Teaberry Ice Cream and many more. Experience Philadelphia’s rich culinary heritage again or for the first time!There are Cooking Classes: La Cucina is proud to continue the tradition of cooking and entertaining classes at Reading Terminal Market. When taking a class, you’ll not only get to observe and sample some fine dishes, but you’ll also find great merchants from whom to purchase your ingredients year ‘round. MARKET TOURS Every Wednesday & Saturday Learn the story behind cheese steaks, hoagies, pretzels and other Philly food favorites, and the 116-year history of the vibrant Reading Terminal Market where they’re sold during this 75-minute, food-writer-led walking tour.
Cost is $15.95 for adults and $8.95 for children ages 7 to 11. Private tours also available. Call 215-545-8007×3 or visit for information and to make reservations.In Mid-March of this year there will be an Italian Festival. The Italian merchants/restaurants will showcase foods from the region they are from. There will be music at the RTM that week celebrating the rich history of Italy, the food, the wine, the romance. There might even be an Italian food contest like the scrapple contest that took place earlier this year. I hope it’s a cannoli tasting contest and I’m a judge. The Amish, they’ll be there too, but get there before three cause they high tail it outta there afterwards, I missed them. (There are a lot of good RTM articles written by some of our fabulous food bloggers HERE: )Tune in tomorrow for the year’s wrap up of some of the best pictures taken by PhillyChitChat, most held back & never published before. Also check the PhillyChitChat Calendar for an update on some of the Charity events coming up. Ck the sidebar for celeb appearances, follow me on Twitter at iphillychitchat for daily tidbits, also I think I will be doing the Chit Chat Philly column on Friday’s instead of Monday’s to cover the weekend, including movies, plus the upcoming week, and well gossip. Thanks for reading me this past year, my traffic was 5 times what I did last year, growing every month except for December where it stayed flat. When I don’t write everyday, my readership really drops off, so it’s good to know that 4000 to 5000 of you really find what I write interesting everyday. Thanks.

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