A few of my Favorite Shots from 2009

Without Mike PhillyChitChat is nothing…

Thank you to my family who I don’t see enough cause I’m busy a lot, and who hopefully understand why I don’t put advertising on my site or try and turn a profit. It’s a labor of love. (Sometimes they ask me, since I guess my neglect would be more palpable is I were making money with my absence.)

Thank you to the folks in Philadelphia that allow me to chronicle their lives in the pursuit of giving a little more exposure to the charitiesThe Tims

Lady Gaga shot in Philly but published in the NY Daily News
Joined Fusion Fitness and took this picture too. This month at Fusion it’s media month, if you are in the media Fusion Cross training Fitness want’s to give you 2 free weeks of fitness. 2 FREE Weeks of Unlimited Cross-training taken anytime during the month.*Guests must register by Jan 15th (stop in or call)

Go to the website for tons of videos, our schedule, and more info.
Thanks to the Phillies Phanatic for showing up at a lot of the charities, Thorncroft, Little Smiles to name a couple
Thanks to Anna Iredale for keeping me in the loop at the Bellevue and for the occassional lunch at one of my fav spots in the city XIX
Paul Rudd
Thanks to the PR that keep me informed of the charitable events, the interesting events, to tipping me off to the celebs that frequent their restaurants. I have had over a dozen philly tidbits in Us Magazine this year alone.

Thanks to Laura Burkhardt, Karen Gross and Where Magazine for letting me shoot their behind the scenes cover as the pro Christopher Gabello captures the cover shots. He does portraits and commercial work to. (Thanks to Reid Rosenthal for his New Year’s wishes.)Thanks to the people who run the institutions in Philly that recognize the value of being on PhillyChitChat, and all they have to do is allow me to bring a guest
Mayor Nutter goes to more events than I do (Mrs. Columbo Kate Capshaw). Thanks to all the bloggers and Tweeter’s who linked to my site that contributed to my success last year. Especially Philebrity, Foobooz, Grub Street Philly, Meal Ticket Philadelphia Weekly Style and all the others that are currently slipping my aging brain, but I would surely add if you send me an email. Thanks
Thanks to Thom Cardwell for being instrumental in the very begining of my career in 1/07.
and then Nicole Cashman for carrying me thru til I could ride without my training wheels 11/07
Project HOME one of my fav charities to cover (Monica Malpass #2 in searches on PCC after Sabrina Tamburino. [ironic eh?]) Everyday Del Frisco’s donates lemon cupcakes to be sold at the Phila Library Cafe where the proceeds benefit Project HOME
Union Trust, Del Frisco’s are my favorite steak houses. Thanks to both for being so generous to my waistline – LOL This past year saw the opening of Union Trust in February.
Hacina Saadi one of the fun girls to shoot. She knows everyone, is sweet and persuasive at the same time. Stop by and see her at Parc.
Sabrina Tamburino Thorne nuff said. After the training wheels came off Sabrina invited me in to photograph her, not only at events but where ever I wanted. That’s what my social diary is all about, I want to know what goes on after the red carpet is rolled up.
I was really excited to make Philly Style Magazine’s hot list. Mike framed it for my birthday the following month.Cousin Jess, still looking for a decent guy for her. She’s one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met.
The Eagles Playoff game last year. Sab, Nicole Cashman, Doug Kammermer, Chase & Jen, Sgt Ray, and Justin Wineburgh.
Union Trust opening Bab Renfrow and his lovely wife
Sabrina and Carol dance at the wedding of the decade.
Jill Rizen and friends at the Philly Style Mag Oscar Party held at the Sofitel
Gerard Butler with what seems to be his character from 300
Thanks to the folks who Hired/Fed Me/Gifted Me this year including Nicole Cashman, Laura Burkhardt, Kelly Boyd, Phila Style Mag, Anna Iredale, Cori Moskow, Tina Breslow, Matthew Vlahos, Aly Green, Brett Perlman, Tara Theune Davis, Danielle Sarna (I will now be dieting.)

Barney’s Co-Op with Andi Pesacov and John Collabelli
Melinda Doolittle from American Idol fame. No other press there to cover it but me.
Wedding of the Decade. Wedding, social event in center city, consider me to cover it for PCC. But make sure you tell your wedding photographer, especially that I keep all the photos.
Congratulations Donna & Charlie
Jimmy, Diane, Christian and Matt last New Years Day
Julie Thorne & Karen Ini
A few less chances of photographing J-Lo as I am not going to NYC to shoot celebs as much as I did the last 2 years. Family, Friends & PCC are my priority now. Quality over quantity.
Lance Bass, Jared Poe, Jackiem Wright & Reggie Berry with celebrity caretaker Aly Green at G Lounge. Thanks to Mark Marek for allowing me the run of the place when I stop by.
Thanks to One Tough Cookie Lynn Abraham for her service.
HAWT models Monique Crawford and Lindsay Furman
Thanks to the Phillies
hmm what’s this?
Ovarian Cancer is one of the most deadly of women’s cancers. Each year, approximately 21,500 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In 2008, approximately 15,500 women will die in the United States from ovarian cancer. Many women aren’t diagnosed until the disease has begun to spread, but if detected at its earliest stage, the five-year survival rate is more than 93%. Recent research suggests that together the four symptoms of: bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly and urinary urgency or frequency may be associated with ovarian cancer.
the thrill of friends and a good sports team
fun times Shorti Mas at Strongbox Tuesday
Dreams to be had. Jimmy Contreras at Jimmy Style on East Passyunk
If you are the Kimmel Center, any theater organization (I donated my services to the Barrymore Awards. They hired a photographer too), the Art Museum etc please send me your press releases. Thanks!!

Friends. Thanks to Phyllis Halpern for introducing me to Thom when I returned from NYC in 2007; and for consistly making sure I know all the “right” people, that’s right there are right people that you need to know.
Connie Stevens and Shang Skipper. Good Luck Shang on your new adventure
Megan Smith. Watch this girl, she has it on the ball. Brownstone PRSabrina’s 30th Bday is coming up. It’s gonna be off the hook.
Arthur Kade, love him or hate him, the fameball wanted celebrity/fame at all costs and that’s what he got. I hope he saved his money as meteoric fame fizzles out just as quick.
Alycia Lane, Booker, John Bolaris and Lauren Nelson at the Fur Ball. These folks know who I am, they know this shot will appear on PCC, but more importantly it might appear in the paper. They trust me to do a good job and then allow the shot to appear where ever to promote the event, and maybe eventually save a puppy or two from death. My goal is to make a difference. There was no other press here to catch this shot. Someone once told me “if a tree falls in the forrest and no one is there to report it, the message might not get out. You’re there to help get the message out.”
Funny shot
Thanks for your courage
My Aunts at our annual Memorial Party, Mom’s on the right
My beloved sister. Thanks to Philadelphia Inquirer’s Michael Klein for publishing my photos nearly every week for over two years. This helps my personal mission in getting the word out for these charity organizations.
Thanks to my friends and co-workers at my day job for all their support. I started out in the file room with Jane, on the left. Went to college and am now a paralegal for the same firm for 15 years. Love them.Thanks to Holly Maher (& ‘s Dan Gross), as well as a dozen more PCC readers for donating $$ to support the Ovarian Cancer walk we did with my sister in September. Thanks to the many business that donated charity items to two Cancer Organizations when I requested items. (Here they are a the Best of Philadelphia Magazine party this past summer.)

Big fans of Jen & Joan Carroll. One of best assets of doing PCC is meeting the most wonderful people, seeing the most fantastic moments and the access that I crave as only a Leo could.
Thanks to Mike for letting me be PhillyChitChat.
Thanks to you my readers, you make me want to do the best job I can.