NEW YEAR’S 2010 PARTIES, MUMMERS & FRIENDS and all around winner

Originally I was just going to have 6 people over because of the month I had, but as the day drew near, literally a couple days before I invited a few more peeps.Lanina Cavicchio , Scott Righter, Tim Young, Mike, Phyllis Halpern, Tim Graham, Eric Laumer & Stephen Cavicchio. Mostly peeps I’ve known for 10+ years. Scott & Eric I’ve known for about 20+ years
Normally at this time we would all be on the balcony watching the Penns Landing Fireworks, but this New Year’s it was a no go with the fog and we were left inside to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Years, then quickly turned to CBS3 for the fireworks.
but there was also plenty of celebration in our living room too until about 2AM. Tim, Jim, Vince, Jamyra Perry, Mark Bagley, Melony Roy, Megan Smith.

Across town Daniel Stern had his first soiree at his new place R2L on the 37th Floor of Liberty Two. Here he is with his wife Jennifer Stern, as shot by Tyler BoyeThese girls have a varying of assets, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Kristen Foote and Erin ElmoreJessica Porcini, John Bolaris, Nicole Cashman and Lauren Peloff enjoy the festivities. Also shot by Tyler Boye. R2L opens to the public in just a matter of weeks and will be the highest restaurant in the City. Cashman & Assoc’s executed this party for Daniel Stern. I hear it was a huge success, despite the fog blocking the dern fireworks.The next day I woke up entirely too late to enjoy many of the mummers performances,
I did catch a few good shots like Polish American Stringband’s Jim Werner. Jim can be seen on the current issue of Where Magazine with the Bacon Brothers who performed a charity concert in December in order to help
Here’s their performance on New Year’s Day 2010

Happy Mummers. I just the parade and the excitement, the out of the control, the distinctly Philadelphia Phun!! (Oh and by the way, looks like all CD’s are only $9.99 at FYE)

The Mummer’s are a Philadelphia tradition, so even though this women was dressed in her finest and on her way some where, she knew it wouldn’t really be a new year without a glance at the parade.

Hmm not a big fan of these glassesThe Union League. I heard they had over 2500 people at their party.

Chris’ Jazz club on the 1400 block of Sansom was having a special.

Rubber Chicken
Stylish couple
Then it was over to Aly Green’s open house. She lives right at Broad & Walnut and has a magnificent view of the parade. Here she is with Tony Rufo Jr. who has a magnificent view of the City from his 44th floor apartment.
Mover and shakers’ Michael Piszek and Drew Milstein.
Erin Elmore and Nick
Pamela Schoenfeld, Chef Brian Duffy of Kildare’s, Brian says to be on the lookout for a bountiful of the Kildare brand opening up near you. Especially in Glenn Mills where a Harvest will be opening. Nothing on the menu will be over 500 calories. Sounds like my kinda place for my new year’s resolution diet. With him is his squeeze Jill Shoenfeld
Inside I found these two surrounded by a few spirits: Deanna Karonia, sorry I’m too tipsy to write neatly she said, and Jeremiah Bodner
KJ and Erica Heilman. Erica gave me some good advice that I probably won’t follow cause, but thanks.
A shot down Broad Street. The end is near as the parade finishes up at 5PM two years in a row. I kinda miss those 8PM ending parades.
Mummer’s are for Lover’s

The crowds were packed at all the right performing spots. Many families on hand too.Mike at night

Carol DeVivo, Janice Rufo, Sarah Devivo, builder Tony Rufo Sr., Chris Rufo and Ben Rufo
Then it was on to South Philly and the annual H&H Party
It was rocking. Must have had about 100 people in their house. We stayed for one drink, then everyone headed down to Two Street. Mike and I headed home. What an awesome New Year’s, just the right amount of mummers and merriment.
The beginning of the parade is the brigades, including the comics. Here’s a nice video showcases them. They kick the parade off first, and the string bands and fancies end the parade 6 hrs later. then check out this link for a whole bunch of Mummer’s videos for your enjoyment.