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No sooner did we ring in the New Year did we find ourselves at the same spot we were just a short while ago last year celebrating Erin Elmore’s birthday. This year we’ve moved up in the world and partied at Girasole in Center City.Ashley Elmore, a teacher, Ph.D. candidate, and younger sister of Philly lawyer Erin Elmore (a contestant on The Apprentice’s third season in 2005), turned up Monday night on ABC’s The Bachelor, vying for the hand of Jake Pavelka. Ashley tells me The Bachelor was a great experience, she enjoyed it, she was completely true to herself and her students are really having fun with it. I asked about the stewardness outfit and what everyone thought of that. She said Huey, it wasn’t tawdry. I brought it cause I do teach Marketing, and he was a pilot. It was fun.
If there’s one thing Lily Connor, Kristen Foote and Erin love to do
it’s have a good time. I brought party favors. Erin tries on her hat while Ashley holds on to her heart Although it once belonged to Jason Dills. The duo met over 10 years ago, but things didn’t work out. Eventually Jason moved east to Philadelphia, and moved right in with Erin, but there was no sibling rivalry as Erin and Jason are like brother & sister. Their still is no doubt a major attraction between these two, but it’s mostly respect and admiration.
Another looker is Linday Furman who tells me that her company (w/Michelle Miller) is looking for interns. If interested contact her at Lindsay @ the nouveauimage (dot) com & you could get school credit too. She’s here with new squeeze Jamie Dulin
Edward Goldstein and Lesley Kozloff. Married for a bit, they found it a joy to stay in for New Year’s Eve and ring in the new year. Sounds great to me.
What you and Nick are making the announcement that you’re officially going steady, is what I think Ashley was saying.
The story of how the song “Happy Birthday to You” came to be, began as a sweet one, that later soured. Two sisters, Mildred Hill, a teacher at the Louisville, Kentucky Experimental Kindergarten, and Dr. Patty Hill, the principal of the same school, together wrote a song for the children, entitled “Good Morning to All.” When Mildred combined her musical talents, as the resident expert on spiritual songs, and as the organist for her church, with her sister’s expertise in the area of Kindergarten Education, “Good Morning to All” was sure to be a success.
How appropo a hand bags calendar for Erin.
Heather Fish, Erin, Danielle Poe and a newly dyed Stephanie Rybczyk. What do you think of Steph’s new hair color?
Curtis and Heather Fish
Arthur Kade and Sabrina Tamburino. This week is Sabrina’s bday blowout, and it is going to be a blowout. Last year Jamie Foxx made an appearance.
Danielle Poe wants you to know that InterCall is offering a friends and family discount for audio and web conferencing. Let her know if anyone is interested ( dpoe [at] intercall [DOT] com) . This is the year of gift giving. She and the gang had an awesome time at the Sumo Lounge ringing in the new year. Danielle Poe and her new squeeze, well maybe not new, but new to me as it’s the first time I’ve written about him ok, Jay HershmanI don’t have a clue what they are doing, but it seemed to be common for them as there’s a set of these on FB under New Year’s Eve photos. Jamie Dulin, Jay Hershman, Deanna Kaugman and Jeremiah Bodner
Sabrina and Kristen share a good laugh. In the foreground is Tony Piazza who always seems a bit shy.
Then before ya knew it we were out in the cold off to Parc for the afterparty.