MONICA MALPASS PREGNANT WITH TWINS announced on the air at ABC6 Philadelphia 5PM news

Last picture of Monica Malpass taken late March before she gave birth, and a bit about her pregnancy and when she said she would deliver as told to me.

ABC6’s longtime anchor women Monica Malpass, who will be 49 years old in April just announced on the 5 O’clock news that she is expecting a baby, a source tells me it’s twins. (Announcement video at bottom) Goggle stats had Monica in listed hawt Volcanic @ 6PM
Monica Malpass and Dancing with the Stars’ Brian Fortuna attend Philadelphia Style Magazine ‘Hot List Party’ at the Crystal Tea Room Philadelphia, 10/2008
The same source tells me that Monica has wanted another child for a long time. “Monica didn’t want her son Jake to be an only child. She always wanted another child, but there weren’t suitable men around that wanted to fulfill this dream.” You’ll recall that Monica is no stranger to PhillyChitChat, and in 2009 was the #2 most search women on the blog as I mentioned in the 2009 wrap-up. Here she is with colleagues at the Red Ball last year.So it looks like Monica took the matter into her own hands, which would not be the first time a Philly News anchorwomen did the same thing, as you will recall that NBC10’s Renee Chenault Fattah has a child In Vitro before she married Congressman Chaka Fattah. 11/27/09 at the WMMR Turkey Donation drive at Love Park.
So for me, it will be a long time before I capture a Hawt picture of Monica strutting down a runway at a charity event in a sexy revealing dress with 4 inch heels, but that’s ok. Congratulations Monica you’re gonna be a mommy!! Her children’s bloodlines will be royalty as Monica Malpass ethnicity is of English decent from the town of Malpas in cheshire England. Royal bloodline of the Cholmondeley Castle, and the Cholmondely, Malpas family. The dual s’s where added in the American use of the name.
I remember years ago I asked MM what her background was and she told me a story of how when she first came to the City Latino magazine wanted to put her on the cover, and she said but isn’t the cover reserved for Latino’s? Then she told the editor what her background was, he didn’t believe her at first, but then with proof relaized she was right, and she never appeared on the cover of Latino magazine.