MenzFit “In Per Suit of Change” – Through our deeds, MenzFit transforms lives.

Last month Cori Moscow told me that Gov Rendell was going to donate 4 suits to an organization called Menzfit and wanted to know if I would like to cover it. As most of you know I am a huge supporter of The Career Wardrobe, which dresses undeserved women entering the workforce. Menzfit is the same concept by from a man’s perspective. A shot from this 10 minute shoot appeared in the Inquirer and that is icing on the cake for me when I can get something as special as a small charity like this greater exposure.
This past month Menzfit had a “Happy Hour Suit Drive”, to benefit the organization. It was held at one of my favorite steakhouses in the City, Union Trust 717 Chestnut Street. (OK who am I kidding, I love every steak I eat no matter where I get it.)
Lena P Crawford and Alma V Childs man the check in table and manage the suits.
The turnout for the early evening shindig was impressive, and the upstairs bar area packed. Great for the event, not so hot for me trying to get decent shots, but this one seemed to come out just fine. Robyn Sussman, Jhanna Lee and Brian Lipstein, president and CEO of Henry A. Davidsen
Hy Goldberg and Union Trust co-owner Ed Doherty
Jacquie Shultz, Michele Baymar and Susan Scovill. Susan Scovill is a well seasoned social photographer working as the Social Editor for the Suburban and Wayne Times. Unfortunately for us newspapers are shrinking and the first section they cut are the “going out sections” as I well know since the Philadelphia Metro cut my column a year ago. Anyway not one to rest on her laurels Susan Scovill took her classy self and camera to some of societies most elegant parties and started a social column of her own last spring called “Susan Scovill on the Main Line.” I enjoy watching her work and admire her work greatly as she is one of the grande dames of Social World and covers it was grace.
John White and Janna Lee. About a year ago I met these two as they attended a charity benefit for Magee Rehabilitation at the Sheet metals Hall on Delaware Ave. It was there first date, and here we are a year later and they’re married. Actually they got married 3 months after meeting, eloped even. Yes their parents are finally talking to them again. (I have to look for the photo of the two of them as a keepsake. Now a photo like that I don’t mind taking the time out of my life to look for, that’s special)
Meg Jones and Duncan Lloyd
David Statvetski, Mila Narcisr, Maria Dipietro and Garrett Miller
I’m not the only one donating my time to this worthy cause, guests donated a suit or other professional men’s attire and enjoyed complimentary Blue Coat cocktails, butlered hors d’oeuvres and samplings from Union Trust’s new dessert menu. I had a few sodas.Shelli and John Katrina, Katina Consulting
Mereille Najim, Jeff Gould, Meesha Miller and Nigel Richards
Job hunting is extremely challenging for most people. However, it is more demanding when a job applicant lacks confidence, or is unable to present what is considered an acceptable business image for employment. Employers often make judgments about a candidate in seconds, and appearance plays a major role in securing employment.
For many men who may be experiencing unemployment issues, MenzFit is available for their rescue. Located in both Washington DC and Philadelphia, PA, MenzFit is taking an active yet innovative role in assisting the underserved population especially in this increasingly competitive job market. Rhonda E. Willingham, the President and Founder of MenzFit, started this unique program to help men get jobs and become self-sufficient.